Friday’s Fences – Virginia Century Farm

Today’s pictures were taken at the gate of a “Virginia Century Farm” just outside of Smithfield. There are quite a few of these in our area.  Although I see the signs all the time, I really didn’t know any details. So I did some research and found that, to be granted this recognition by the Commonwealth of Virginia, a farm must have been family owned and operated for at least 100 consecutive years.

va century farm_Snapseed

Motor Man and I went on another of our Sunday drives last week, and as we drove by this gate, he heard the all-too-familiar: “Oooh, that would be a good picture!”.  So he made a u-turn.

This was the view from the gate. I just love pictures of lanes, paths, country roads.


The cows were definitely enjoying the pond. Some were having a drink, others were wading in the water. Some were staring at us.

cows and pond_Snapseed

Whenever I see a cattleguard, I’m reminded of a hometown friend who, as a child, was terrified of them.

cattleguard and fence_Snapseed

It’s nice to think that this view has been welcoming members of the same family home for over one hundred years.


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30 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Virginia Century Farm

  1. Hard as I’m trying I can’t remember where this is….should I be familiar with it? The Century Farm is something I’ve never heard of…thanks for the information.

  2. Motor Man was right, beautiful Pictures, 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. i love that there are farms like this that have been in the same family for so many years!

  4. Great pictures, Dianna. You live in such a picturesque area. I want the weather to warm up so I can go exploring around here with Patti and find some good shots, maybe in Pungo.

  5. Hmmmm…Rick would have 45 more years to go if he lived in VA. Don’t know if TX does something similar. My guess is no, since our neighbors across the road have had their place in the family since the 1800’s and I haven’t heard of it. I’ll have to ask. Love the pictures. That cattle guard looks quite sturdy.

  6. That’s a family heirloom that most anyone (with any kind of sense) would adore sharing and passing on from generation to generation. Your photos are so pretty. You definitely captured the heart and feel of the country. 🙂

  7. it’s amazing to me that any family would own the same homestead for 100 years. it’s seems to me the passing down of homes is a lost art. what a wonderful idea to recongize these homes!! great pictures!! perfect for ff!!

  8. thought this might be your farm until I started reading. Beautiful.

  9. That is quite a LOOOOOOOONG country lane and obviously the official “cow guard” is doing a good job patroling the property for intruders! Didn’t know about the “Century Farm” designation either – but I love that.


  10. That is so cool…nice find…great photos too! So scenic.and country!

  11. Nice shots- I would have stopped too. I haven’t heard of a century farm before- how cool!

  12. Pennsylvania does this too. There’s a century farm just a couple of miles from where I live. I believe there are others in our area too. It’s such a neat thing to see a working farm that has been in the same family for that long.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It is nice to think that the same family has been there for over a hundred years. The pictures are great as always. Hope you have a good weekend.

  14. I think I know where that is and also have some cow pictures from there. I love the black angus against the green grass. I didn’t know what a Century Farm was…but now I do. Thanks!

  15. Remarkable place and remarkable photos!

  16. Hi again,
    We live in Southwest Virginia

  17. Glad you made the u-turn for these pics 🙂 We have century ranches in Colorado too—-probably not as many since they are usually very large acreages and of course it took folks longer to spread this way.

  18. I wasn’t familiar with the century farm, either .. This is a very nicely situated property – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this one, either!

  19. That’s a beautiful farm! Love the long lane. We have some century farms around here, too. I think it’s wonderful that they are kept in the same family.

  20. love the long drive and the cattle guard, too.

  21. That is an idyllic setting! I’ve never seen a cattle guard. Thanks for sharing and educating.

  22. My husband is getting used to the “Ohhh, that would be a good picture” , also – but I don’t always get the u-turn. This is a great find. I love the picture looking down the lane with the animals looking at you. Cows can be so curious, I love mooing at them – although part of me thinks they’re looking at me thinking – another crazy lady…

  23. Now I been around cow pastures all my life and i never seen a cattle guard before. Interesting.

  24. Another wonderful post! I always look forward Friday Fences. It’s amazing how many different types of fences there are. Until I started reading this blog I barely noticed fences–now I see them.

  25. Good Morning Dianna! I enjoyed this post this morning. I thought the Century Farm project was just a Missouri thing until you posted this AND then I went googling too. The Century Farm project is cool whether it is in Virginia, Missouri or Tennessee… 🙂 We have quite a few Century Farms in Missouri too but now I know there are lots of them in other states. Cool pictures and I love the gate with the cattle guard. I used to be afraid of them too because my Dad put the fear of God in me about riding over them on horses! I never had a horse when I was young that wanted to go near one that I can remember.. 🙂

  26. The cows around the pond remind me of my Uncle’s dairy farm. It’s great to see them roam around like that in an open field.

  27. I love these photos! The older I get, the more I’m drawn to rural settings. We spent a couple of days in New York last fall, passing through, and although I appreciate the amenities of a big city…save me from any lengthy stay there! Too much of everything!
    Thanks for the history lesson. What a charming thing, to own a century farm! ~ Sheila

  28. I’ve gotten much better about crossing things I can see through to the bottom. They really do scream – rural living – don’t they?

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