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Random Five Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday! Random Five Friday!

Between being under the weather myself AND the bad weather this week, I didn’t think I’d have much to offer for R5F. But here we go:

1.) After a week of cold, sleet, snow, ice, and wind, today we’re having……rain and wind. Yes, a mini “nor-easter”.  Last night, as I listened to the strong winds, I was reminded of growing up in an old house with a tin roof. When the wind blew, the tin rattled so badly that, many times, Mom and I expected it to blow completely off, but, thankfully, it never did. And, surprisingly, I don’t recall that old roof ever leaking when it rained.

2.) In Gypsy news this week, she got a mani-pedi yesterday. (I trimmed her nails.) She found it totally relaxing. She’s such a girly girl.

gyp and db

3.) Earlier this week, I heard birds fluttering around outside one of the windows in our bedroom. Then I spotted Sundae up in the loft, “chattering” at them. She never jumped to the window sill (or attempted to), but she was as close to the edge as she could possibly be.

ready to jump 2-27-2014 11-18-15 AM

4.) I’m looking forward to an antiquing jaunt tomorrow with a friend and hoping “her” cupboard is still there….just waiting for her.  The weather forecast sounds wonderful: partly cloudy and 62.

5.) Wednesday’s sunset….wintry looking, isn’t it?

sunsetSS 3-5 3-5-2014 6-13-012

Linking up to Nancy’s Random Five Friday.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Here we are again: time for Random Five Friday.

1.) As you can imagine, my thoughts this week are mostly on the weather. We’re still covered in snow, and although it’s hindered travel for some, it’s made for some outstanding photo ops.

icy trees and shrubs 1-30-2014 8-04-09 AM

2.) If you aren’t an e-mail subscriber of These Days, here’s a programming note: although I don’t usually post on weekends, there will be a special post this Sunday. And, no, it isn’t Groundhog Day related, nor Super Bowl related.

3.) Have you ever heard the expression: “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!”? When Motor Man and I met with my friend, Pam, and her husband, Dave, back in December, Pam gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas. It’s now blooming, and everytime I walk by it, I think of her. And yes, Pam, I would definitely pick you!

amaryllis 1-30-2014 2-32-43 PM

4.) This week, I’ve been thankful again for the genealogical information that I am so fortunate to have inherited.  A distant cousin (90 years old) passed away on Monday, and I’ll be attending her funeral this afternoon. How is she related to me? Her grandmother and my great-grandmother were sisters. We’re cousins, but I have no idea how many times removed. She was a sweet person, and I’ll miss visiting her in the nursing home.

hazel  1-30-2014 3-15-12 PM.bmp-001

5.)  Thursday evening’s sunset was simply amazing. I trudged across our side yard in snow to the top of my boots to get this. (It was worth it.)

winter sunset1 1-29-2014 5-39-18 PM

Happy Friday, everyone, and I’m joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for:

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