Rabbit Food

This week I’ve been planting Rabbit Food. You probably know them better as pansies.

I’d be embarrassed  to tell you how many I planted. So I won’t.  But you may remember from earlier posts that we have a lot of wildlife  in our area. And rabbits, by far, have the largest population. But, then, rabbits DO have that reputation.

And rabbits apparently think pansies are pretty tasty.

Not long after I finished planting, I happened to look outside, and sure enough: there was a rabbit sitting closeasthis to one of my pansies. He hadn’t started eating it, but he was saying grace. (Or saying the blessing, as we refer to it here in the south.)


But someone just gave me a tip. Supposedly, moth balls around your plants will keep the rabbits away.  So — either those moth balls will save my pansies. Or the rabbits will think it’s dinner on the grounds at the Baptist church and that sweet Miss Henrietta just took her sweater out of storage.

I’ll let you know how this all works out for me.  And the rabbits.

6 responses to “Rabbit Food

  1. Love it! Just hope the appetite suppressant works!!

  2. I will be curious to know if the moth balls work, we get alot of bunnies too. Last year they decided to make their baby nest in the middle of my yard which is a very bad idea when you have 2 dogs that thinks baby bunnys are a tasty treat. We had to put chicken wire around the nest so our dogs wouldn’t eat the babies and then we had to move the chicken wire for the Moma to come and sit on her babies. It was interesting to watch this process but it was a pain in the butt!! I am hopeing it works !!

  3. They say moth balls are the answer. I certainly don’t like the smell! Your pansies are beautiful.

  4. I’m leaving my footprint!!! You must have gone to Anderson’s. They are beautiful.

  5. Hey, at least it’s not liquid stench… uh, I mean.. liquid fence…. They sure named it right…

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