Can You Believe He STILL Loves Me?


Last week, Motor Man and I traveled to Michigan. Our trip took us through Pennsylvania, where we went on a sleigh ride, which I wrote about yesterday.

After the sleigh ride, we continued on to the awards banquet we were attending in Dearborn. We arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon, and the banquet was that evening.

We spent the afternoon in our room. I caught up on some blogs, while Motor Man rested. The time came to get ready for the banquet.  Bear in mind that I had done the packing for both of us.

After his shower, Motor Man took his clothes from the closet.

Dress shirt: check.
Necktie: check.
Suit coat: check.
Suit pants……..hmmm.

 We have a problem.

I walked back to our car, hoping all the way that maybe, MAYBE, they had slipped off the hanger, and I’d find them on the floor of the car.  No pants. When I got back to our room, Motor Man had already solved the problem. Or so he thought.

No, you may not wear your pajama pants to the banquet. Although they DO match your tie”.

We weren’t sure how far our hotel was from a department store, but we really didn’t have time to go shopping before the banquet.  So there was only thing he could do.

Wear jeans.

I just can’t believe I packed that crooked tie for him.

But he still loves me.

7 responses to “Can You Believe He STILL Loves Me?

  1. Yes, you have to take the blame for not packing the dress pants. But I do NOT think you’re responsible for that crooked tie!! I think he looks just fine! Crooked tie and all…

  2. Well, I see people wearing pajama pants to all sorts of places these days, but I don’t attend many banquets!! And I feel there’s nothing wrong with jacket & jeans: business & party rolled into 1!!

  3. Oh I love a man in jeans and a sports coat! But I think I couldn’t have resisted wearing the pajama pants. 🙂

  4. Doris D.'s Bill

    Looks fine to me. Now he can pack his own suitcase!!

  5. You know Dianne, I’m not sure what all the fuss was about…down here in Texas a sports coat and jeans are considered formal wear. He just needs cowboy boots.

  6. Ha-too funny! Looks like the jeans, sportscoat, and crooked tie was a nice “save” though.

  7. Motor Man was probably secretly happy to be wearing jeans! More comfy that suit pants. He was probably the most hip guy at the banquet too!!!

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