Daily Archives: September 12, 2011

His Story…..And My Story

Motor Man sustained an injury this weekend.

His version: “my wife hit me in the eye with a 2-foot aluminum level”.

My version: “I accidentally bumped his elbow. He chose to hit himself in the eye with the level”.

What really happened: Motor Man was hanging a picture for me. (My method is to just “eye it”, hammer in the nail and go. And then, sometimes pull out the nail and start over. Motor Man, being the machinist that he is, measures everything precisely from the beginning.)

He was holding the level to be sure the picture was straight, when I walked by him and accidentally bumped his elbow. This caused him to almost drop the level, and when he caught it, the corner cut a little gash in the area just below his eyebrow. (It’s pretty deep and could probably have used a stitch.)

Honestly, I didn’t even know that I’d bumped his arm. When I realized he was hurt, and that I had caused it, I really did feel awful about it.  Honestly.

I’m sure his version of the event will be told many times to his buddies. And heaven help me if he ends up with a black eye because of this.  But, remember, folks, right here is where you get……the rest of the story.

Now….which version do you believe?