Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

The Shot I’ve Been Waiting For

Most of you have “met” Groom Swan through this blog, and know of his habit of coming ashore from time to time.

These pictures were taken the morning before Hurricane Irene. Motor Man was securing our old boat to the cedar tree in case of a severe high tide, which thankfully didn’t happen.

I think I’ve mentioned that, occasionally, Groom Swan will stretch out his neck and “honk” at the same time. My neighbor and I disagree about the reason he does this. My neighbor thinks he’s being mean, but I think it’s just his way of greeting me. I’ve never been able to get a picture of him doing this….until the morning Motor Man was out by the boat.

And now, here’s the shot I’ve been waiting for:

Seconds later, he was back to his normal stance.

Are there any swan experts out there? Maybe you could settle this little matter.

I really hope I don’t learn that he IS being mean. I much prefer believing that it’s just his way of saying: “Hi, how are you? What’s new? Got bread?”