Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

Irene’s Visit To The Castle

Last week, Marshall and I went to Bacon’s Castle to see what havoc Hurricane Irene may have wreaked on the property.

As soon as we pulled into the drive, we saw that this tree had fallen victim to Irene’s strong winds.

It was far enough from the house not to have done any damage. This picture of Marshall beside the trunk really gives you an idea of the size of the tree.

There were a couple of mysteries surrounding the tree trunk, which Marshall discovered upon closer inspection.

 One brick was embedded in the trunk, and there were a few bricks in the dirt under the tree.

Even stranger: there were also two eggs under the tree.  We didn’t know what species they were; but we thought that was a strange place to find eggs. This was three days after the storm, so it’s possible they were “deposited” there after the tree was uprooted.

This old house has seen over 300 years worth of storms. She appears to, once again, have escaped major damage .

And, for that, we’re thankful.

(If you’re new to my blog, click on this link for to learn more about Bacon’s Castle and its important role in my family’s history.)