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Since today is Thursday, I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The prompt I chose today will probably surprise some of you (since it’s been many years since I was a “new mom”).

My topic is: 5.) Advice to new mothers.

I think after our children are grown, we look back and realize we could have done some things differently. But we also realize the things that we did that were good.  So here are a few things for you to keep in mind as your little ones grow:

1.) Enjoy every single second of their infancy and childhood. One day, your little one is having his/her very first picture taken….

….and the next day, it’s photos at their high school graduation.

2.) Be patient when your little one can’t sleep at night.  This picture was taken at 1:40 AM the morning after Marshall’s first birthday. Earlier in the evening, we had celebrated, and apparently, the excitment was a bit too much. He just would not go to sleep that night. He was playing in front of this sideboard, and before I knew it, had pretty much emptied the contents (wrapping paper and gift boxes). At 1:40 AM.  And was pretty proud of himself. My sense of humor was obvious in my caption on the photo.

3.) You will no doubt enter a phase when your child (especially if you have a son) won’t want you to show him any affection in public. Don’t worry: this will soon pass, and your hugs will be as welcome as when he was a toddler.

4.) Never, ever pass up the opportunity to take pictures of your child with his grandparents, or any relative, for that matter.

5.) Be sure, from an early age,  that your child feels comfortable talking with you about whatever is going on in his life.  This builds a relationship that only grows stronger with the passing of time.

 So there you have a little advice for new moms. If you have a little one,be sure to check back with me in a few years to let me know if it helped.

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