Daily Archives: September 10, 2011

Golden Sunrise

My first glimpse of Monday’s golden sunrise.

A few minutes later, I noticed Groom Swan and his duck buddies approaching, so I went back inside to get bread for them. As soon as I threw out the first piece of bread, the seagulls converged.  Sometimes when that happens, Groom Swan seems to get disgusted and swims away. That’s what happened Monday morning.

Groom Swan and the ducks took their leave, but the gulls continued to swoop overhead even after all the bread was gone.

I wonder if Groom Swan knows how gorgeous he is in the early morning light?

Then, once again, it was just me and the sunrise.  Or was it? 

Did you see the gull? At the top of the picture….in the clouds? 

I think he’s the scout – sent out ahead in search of any bread in the area.