Golden Hour Visitors

Saturday morning, I opened the curtains and saw this:

Yes, Bride Swan and Groom Swan. Together. In the golden hour of early morning.

I won’t tell you how many pictures I took.  It would be embarrassing.

It’s a good thing they aren’t professional swan models. I wouldn’t be able to afford them.

But I will say this:

Of all the pictures I took that morning,

This is, hands down, my favorite.

(I won’t ask you to choose.)


20 responses to “Golden Hour Visitors

  1. I like the second pic best, although it was hard to choose. The reason being that bride swan is grooming and groom swan has you caught in his sights. Special.

  2. Oh, Dianna! These are simply beautiful! And that last one…with the reflections…I have to agree, that is my favorite too! Although, I also like the one with the soft glow of light on the water.

  3. I like that last one too…..the golden light on the bride swan’s long neck…..their reflections showing perfectly in the water……love it!!


  4. Finally they are back TOGETHER! It has been months! So glad they are both ok. 🙂 Were they getting better handouts somewhere else?

  5. Beautiful pictures Dianna and I just love seeing them together. I wish they could talk 🙂 A very sweet sunrise!

  6. The fourth one has such interesting lines…now, if they would swim a little closer their necks would make a heart. ♥

  7. This just warms my heart. Beautiful!

  8. So glad I didn’t have to choose a favorite. They’re all beautiful. So glad our couple is/are??? back together

  9. The last one is my favorite also. Congratulations on your sunrise picture in the newspaper today. So pretty.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! The light, reflection in the water, both gliding together…last one is just PERFECT!!

  11. These are so beautiful! What a sweet couple! I think the last one is my fav, too.

  12. so glad they decided to show up together again! SO gorgeous!

  13. They sure are handsome subjects! It’s nice to see them together again.

  14. Thanks for not asking me to choose, but I’d have to say that I’m partial to the last one! The reflections in these are amazing, and the swans are just the right ‘extra touch’ for golden hour!

  15. All your photos are beautiful. You’ve captured the quiet serenity of the swans swimming together in the golden hour perfectly. 🙂

  16. How fortunate to capture such beautiful creatures, and you did a great job! They’d be perfect for the weekly photo challenge, as this week the theme is : 2 subjects!

  17. I love the last one with their reflections. So pretty and peaceful. And I need to remember to show my marrying kids some of these pics of Bride and Groom Swan. I know my girls would love them!

  18. They are all beautiful! It’s easy to get carried away with the camera, isn’t it?

  19. Okay…I vote for the last one…gorgeous! I’m glad that they don’t bill ya!
    Don’t you just love digital…I do!

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