Spring Is In Bloom

Today, I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, and I chose this prompt:

2.) Has Spring sprung? Post a photo journal of what Spring is looking like in your neck of the woods!

This was an easy prompt for me, since I’ve been snapping pictures all around our yard for the past couple of weeks.

These flowers are both perennials; the purple is Purple Homestead Verbena, and the pink is…. I can’t remember. If you know, please leave a comment and refresh my memory. These are in a flower bed at the curb beside our mailbox. The verbena will bloom off and on all summer, but the little pink flowers bloom briefly and are gone til next spring.

This is blue salvia, which is also a perennial. These are in front of our bedroom windows. Behind them, to the left, is a butterfly bush and, in the center, a large hydrangea that we planted several years ago.  Perhaps their blooms will be featured in a “summer” post.

Pale blue iris (can you tell that blue is my favorite color?). These are in the same area as the salvia.

Petunias from last year in an old basket on our front porch. Because of our mild winter, they survived. The blooms aren’t really as droopy as they appear in this picture. I think this was the result of some pretty strong winds we had the day before this was taken.

For the flower boxes on our deck, this year I planted burgundy striped petunias. They remind me of the purple striped ones that my mom used to plant.

And it’s officially spring when there are hanging plants on our front porch.

It’s a rainy morning here. All the plants are loving it, and so am I.

What’s blooming out your window?

Mama’s Losin’ It

24 responses to “Spring Is In Bloom

  1. Oh I just love your flowers, Dianna! Here I go waxing nostalgic again… but I remember in the old days when we went to visit a relative or a friends, the first thing we’d do is tour their garden. Thanks so much for taking us around your garden today…:-)

  2. Your gardens and plants are beautiful and healthy and happy! I’m glad you found some hanging geraniums after all…..The colors of spring are EVERYWHERE around your pretty yard. You get an A+ for gardening.

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. All your plants are gorgeous. I have two brown thumbs AND hubby and I are both full of spring allergies!

  4. Such a gorgeous garden and array of blooms! Thank you for showing us around your gardens. I know that pink flower but can’t think of its name. I will click back today to see if someone has offered an answer. At the farm the pear tree is blossoming white blooms by the driveway. I think you have given me an idea for a post.

  5. Wow! Everything is beautiful! I particularly love the blue salvia and the iris. The blues and purples are my favorites too. I don’t have any perennials, just some pansies blooming right now, so it’s a treat to see yours:)

  6. oh my…one of these days, I will garden! These look wonderful…and make me long for a visit to my mother in laws – she’s got blooms and a veggie garden…it’s a wonderland! I love the blue iris ~ such a pretty shade!

  7. Your flowers are beautiful as always! Love the striped petunias. And the irises always make me think of Mama

  8. I LOVE purple petunias! I think they are the most fragrant!! We are off today to buy some happy flower faces and a couple of Queen Anne ferns because it isn’t officially Spring at the Tiny Ten until they are right outside the front door. Your hanging baskets are beeutiful!!!

  9. My perennial garden is blooming so I didn’t have to plant much this year. And “that ole moss” is growing in my kettle. Thanks. We planted an herb garden this year and we have 2 squash plants that have really taken off. Other than that my allergies are in full force. How about Motor Man’s?

  10. Love love love the flowers – and my favorite colors! Finally our daffodils are starting to bloom!

  11. You’ve successfully surrounded yourself with colors!

  12. The Iris are always great.. especially the deep, deep purple ones – & the ones with family connections 😉 I have to get out to the garden and take some pics! Your first one here reminds me of the same colors in the Larkspur out back .. They’re some of my faves …

  13. I enjoyed seeing your flowers ~ very, very pretty!

  14. pink evening primrose. they grow wild here. love ’em!

  15. This is one gorgeous yard! You have some really pretty blooms. Great post!

  16. I love your yard.

  17. Love those blue irises! I was eyeing purple verbena the other day at the garden center. Our petunias survived the mild winter, too, nice surprise!

  18. What a nice green thumb you have! Your lawn and flowers look so fresh and lovely.

  19. Beautiful!!! I adore color. Most of my perrinials are just green. I do have some phlox and a few others like lillies and daffodils that come back each year. They are so short lived though.

    We are getting ready to surround our deck with our containers of glory. I love mixing and matching the annuals in bursts of color. The herbs are already in and fragrant. I’m eager to get in the dirt again.

  20. The purple Verbena looks so full and healthy. I’m hoping to get mine to look like that, thanks for sharing!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your flowers are wonderful. You have a way with flowers. We have a beautiful yellow rose I will take a picture of and post it if it’s not to late.

  22. I love the pink and purple flower bed. Spring is my favourite time of the year. Winter has just begun here.

  23. Wow! Spring really has sprung in your area. Not quite yet here. There are definite signs like the azaleas are blooming but we have a ways to go before I can put out potted plants. Our perennials haven’t started blooming yet either. But someday soon! Really pretty pictures!

  24. The pink flower’s with the purple.. Are Evening Primrose Twilight.. 🙂 I have them was wondering why they stopped blooming.. Now I know they only bloom in the spring.. Thank you for answering my question.. 🙂

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