Friday’s Fences

“Mrs. E.” was a special lady who was part of Motor Man’s life for over 40 years.  I was honored to have known her well for the last few years of her life. Mrs. E. passed away a little over four years ago, and one day, I’ll tell you all about her.

But for today, I’ll just share pictures of the old fence on her homeplace.

I smiled when I passed by recently and saw the irises, knowing she had planted them.

As she did the white flowering shrub, which I believe to be spirea.

How appropriate that the sun was shining down on that one little patch of iris foliage.

 Yes, one day I’ll tell you about “Mrs. E.”.

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24 responses to “Friday’s Fences

  1. The spirea is so elegant in white.

  2. It’s always a little daunting and hopeful to find the flowers coming back up – those that someone else’s hands had touched so long ago. We found the same at my MIL’s home, the spring after she passed. It made us laugh and cry all in one. Beautiful post, MJ

  3. Such a tender, lovely post. I love the close up of just a bit of the fence too, with the life growing around it…very special!

  4. What a lovely post – and your pictures of the fence and flowers is beautiful. Mrs E sounds as if she must have been a lovely person.

  5. So beautiful and a wonderful tribute. I love the white spirea, how it cascades. I didn’t know the name of the bush. I have seen them a lot here in Blacksburg this past week and every spring I think I need to find out what kind of bush that is and buy one…but forget until I see them the following year:) Now I know, thanks to you!

  6. love the iris. wow!! gorgeous flowers. (:

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Those irises will bloom for many years and spread unless someone gets too handy with a lawnmower!

  9. Very sweet Dianna! I was just showing CH her fence, I’d like to do a teeny bit of that fence along the walk to our west field. I am going to be looking forward to hearing about Mrs. E.

  10. I just love the look of flowers over a fence…great shots! Mrs E created a beautiful scene!

  11. This is sweet and beautiful. I look forward to learning more about Mrs. E.

  12. so sweet. she’s smiling down at you.

  13. If that fence could talk!!!!

  14. Beautiful. Fences with flowers are one of my favorite things.

  15. Another great series, and the barn peeking out in pic two is nice … I know a bit about Mrs. E, and I look forward to the upcoming post … !

  16. I would love to hear more about her…and I like these shots from her place.

  17. I know how much I enjoy the irises, I’m sure they brought delight to Mrs. E, as well.

  18. This fence makes a nice backdrop for the flowers. Looking forward to meeting Mrs. E.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I would love to hear more about Mrs.E. Her flowers are lovely.

  20. Love the pictures. They bring happy and sad tears. So many memories.

  21. You have me interested in hearing about Mrs. E! I like the fence and her pretty patch of flowers. Have a nice weekend!

  22. Lovely post Dianna….I too am interested in hearing about “Mrs. E” but I already know something about her from the gardens she left behind for the world to enjoy. The fence looks so nice with the spirea spilling out and the irises framing it. It’s lovely that her gardens go on and on and on……like she wanted them to bring a smile to everyone forever.

    Pam (and Sam)

  23. Beautiful shots. You have a great eye for color and composition. I hope you tell Mrs. E’s story one day. 🙂

  24. I know Mrs. E’s story will be interesting. Her flowers are beautiful!

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