Sunset Sunday

I’ve been waiting all week to share these photos with you. I think you’ll understand why. This was the sunset last Sunday.

I already knew that I was going to be taking lots of pictures, but when Groom Swan showed up, he just clinched it.

The water reflected every cloud, every color in the sky.

And then Bride Swan joined us.

It almost looked as though she were swimming in the clouds.

The ducks heard there was a sunset party and didn’t want to be excluded.

Yes, I probably took too many pictures.

But sunsets like this don’t happen everyday.

And Marshall tells me I still have plenty of space left on my hard drive.


23 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. Glad to hear you have plenty of hard drive space because with views like this – and visitors like this to your yard – you NEED lots of storage for the memories! What a perfect combination – all the pix are spectacular but that sunset is a real humdinger!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. And, if you run out of space on your hard drive, there are always external ones you can buy! These are absolutely gorgeous photos, Dianna! There is so much magic in the clouds, and the water…and your winged families just add the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Good Morning Dianna! Beautiful pictures and your header is sweet. The clouds, the reflections, the soft pastels, the feathery bodies!!! When I first looked at the pictures, I thought Bride and Groom Swan had become parents. Lucky you to have Marshall to help you with computer stuff.

  4. These are breathtaking! Stunning! They should each be framed.

  5. I think everyone has used all the adjectives. Every picture is fantastic!

  6. Those are gorgeous pictures!

  7. :)!! Whew, good to hear you’ve got lots of room on your hard drive cause those are insanely beautiful! What a night – wow!!

  8. gorgeous reflections!

  9. So peaceful … thank you! MJ

  10. Dianna–these are jaw droppingly gorgeous. NO! You didn’t take too many pictures. Love the one with the huge circular ripple by the swan—but i cannot pick a fave. these are so so gorgeous!!!!

  11. I agree with JAW DROPPING!! The reflection in the water is perfection. And I think you’re right…they look like they are swimming in the clouds! Also, when you get a second, head to …my daughter started a blog! (and she’s on wordpress, so I may be sending her your way cause I can’t help her…even a little bit…with wordpress questions!)

  12. These really could be the best yet… & you do still have plenty of space! & I think we need to schedule a backup soon – just to make sure these are safe… keep snappin’!!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  14. You can’t take too many pix when the water is so calm and reflects everything above–to infinity and beyond! Thanks for sharing them all with us, It’s not always easy to load so many photos. Thanks to Marshall for staying on top of your computer needs!

  15. Truly, Dianna, the BEST sunset EVER! I just love your photos, but even more, I love your enthusiasm for your hobby — it’s simply contagious! Also, I admire your faithfulness in writing and posting. I know you’re always there if I need a sunrise, sunset, a fence, a barn, a swan or some flowers… Just wanted to say “thanks” — you’re so very special! 😀

  16. Oh my! What an amazing sunset! And adding the swans and ducks just brought it to a pinnacle of perfection! Lovely!

    Yes, we just rode a train….but it wasn’t the steam train I had been told it would be over the phone. Still, we had an awesome time! Be posting on it soon!

  17. Graffiti, Zingara & Romeo

    Such lovely pictures !
    Sundae Girl is beautiful.
    Purrs from Graffiti, Zingara and Romeo.

  18. There’s no such thing as too many pictures when they are as spectacular as these. Wow. They belong in a frame.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, you could never take too many sunset or sunrise pictures!! I have to admit these are some of the very best. The swans and ducks just add to the beauty.

  20. Stunning photos! You’re right – those don’t happen often. The reflections are amazing. 🙂

  21. Such a gorgeous gift from the creator of the heavens and the earth!

  22. Just spectacular! God paints the sky in such a magnificent way, doesn’t He? I’m so glad you capture these gorgeous canvases for the rest of us to see.

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