Wordless Wednesday – “Come On, Gee-Gee”

(Our great nephew, Josey, with his great grandpa, Motor Man’s dad.  Thanks to Carolyn, the photographer and “G” and Chris, Josey’s parents, for permission to share.)

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday.

25 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – “Come On, Gee-Gee”

  1. Sweet! With photos like this who needs words anyway?


  2. A touching photo.

  3. Love this! How precious are they?! 🙂

  4. Aw… I love pictures like this!

  5. Adorable! It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell…

  6. What an adorable picture. This one should get framed.

  7. absolutely precious. great shot. (:

  8. Sometimes words just get in the way !

  9. cute.

  10. A penny for their thoughts …

  11. Aww, how sweet! This is just precious.

  12. No words needed for this one. That is so sweet!

  13. This one should be in a magazine and certainly framed! Love it.

  14. Simply priceless.

  15. That picture is priceless and definitely worth more than a thousand words — perfect for Wordless Wednesday!

  16. Words are not needed — what a beautiful photo; hope it’s framed!

  17. This is truly a sweet picture. I’m sure they were both pleased to be featured in your blog.

  18. This photo is a real keeper. Big Guy and Little Guy in their caps taking a stroll. Very special.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a sweet photo and such a treasure for the future.

  20. That truly is a photo worth keeping! I love the trusting way the little guy is leading his GG! Thanks for joining in this week with this great shot!

  21. This is perfect! I hope this little guy will have a copy of this photo to look back on when he is older to remember his great grandfather:) ~ Sheila

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