Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Time With Friends

This weekend, special friends of ours came to town for a visit.  Many of you follow the blog of “Sammy”, One Spoiled Cat.  Sammy’s mom, Pam, and I met through blogging about a year or so ago, and have become good friends. Pam had never been to our little town of Smithfield, and it’s been many years since her hubby, Dave, was here.

After they checked into their hotel room, Motor Man and I – a.k.a., their tour guides for the weekend – picked them up and began showing them the sights.

We had lunch at Taste of Smithfield, where I forgot to take a picture. This one is from the internet. It’s a brand new restaurant in town.

We drove them around town, showing off the shops and all the old homes. And then, drove about 10 miles west on Route 10 to show them my very favorite old house in the world, Bacon’s Castle.

After our brief tour there, we showed them some other places of interest in our county: the James River from Burwell’s Bay, and the quaint little towns of Rescue and Battery Park.  We even took them for a drive on Rainbow Road. Later, we had a delicious dinner at The Smithfield Inn.

After dinner, we all had dessert at our house. Marshall joined us, and took this picture. Sundae enjoyed meeting Sammy’s parents. Let’s just say that she was our after-dinner entertainment.

Early Sunday morning, we met Pam and Dave at Smithfield Station for breakfast. Of course, I had to take a (late) sunrise picture when we arrived.

Then, all too soon, we had to say good-bye “til next time”.

Don’t you just love fun times spent with friends?