Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

Barn Charm – Peanut Field

Over the weekend, Motor Man and I were driving on some back roads in Surry County, my “home” county, and the neighboring county to where we now live.

We came upon a field where peanuts had been harvested, and the peanut vines had been baled. And in the background…..a barn.

This picture is a bit misleading, because there’s actually a narrow road between the field and the barn. So we were able to get a closer picture. It was very overcast, so not a good day for photos.

For those of you not familiar with peanut crops, after harvesting, the vines are baled and used as cattle feed.

And a weather update.  Hurricane Sandy obviously just skirted us as she trekked up the East Coast. We’re feeling very fortunate this morning. We had only minor tidal flooding, certainly nothing as severe as we’ve seen in the past, a little over six inches of rain, and we never lost electricity. Just as so many of you kept us in your thoughts and prayers when it appeared that we were in danger, we’re paying that forward as we think of those that were ultimately in the path of this storm.

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