Barn Charm – Vermont (Again)

Since we made such a quick trip to Vermont a couple of weeks ago, my barn photos were limited to just three different barns. So I’m going to write one Barn Charm post and include all three barns.

You’re probably thinking of our Vermont weekend as “the trip that keeps on giving”, but maybe this post will finish it up, as far as the blogging goes. Unless I find another horse picture that I just HAVE to share…

I took this photo on Saturday near Townshend. As you can see, it was snowing like crazy.

large red barn

What a difference a day makes! This was on our trip home the following day.

large red barn aft snow

This little wooden barn was closer to the Friesians of Majesty farm, which, as you know, was our destination.

little wooden barn

And this sweet little red barn was even closer to the Friesian farm.

red barn in snow

It even had its own matching barn birdhouse.

barn birdhouse

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28 responses to “Barn Charm – Vermont (Again)

  1. All of the photos are charming but I love the little red barn with matching bird-house!

  2. The matching barn birdhouse is the tops! And no, I am not tired of your VT trip – keep it coming 🙂

  3. Love the little wooden barn! Hope the Vermont trip does keep giving 🙂 I am ready for more pictures.

  4. Wow…you did run into a lot of snow up north didn’t you! Didn’t stop you from taking GREAT photos and having a fabulous time…..thank heavens – you sharing the trip with us is grand!


  5. Magnificent. I love your trip and it does keep on giving beauty and smiles across these internet miles. Thanks. 🙂

  6. All of these are so charming that they need to be on greeting cards. Wonderful!

  7. Wow, nice barns in the snow shots. But, those horses look so cold!!

  8. What great barns! I especially love the matching birdhouse. And the first two photos? Wow! What a comparison!

  9. Oh what lovely barns, I have never seen any like that in the UK. The snow is amazing 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuesday xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Looks like you were in barn heaven!

  11. these are great! so beautiful! i’d never have put them all in one post. i’d have strung them out to 3, maybe 4 weeks. 🙂

  12. That first barn is magnificent! I love seeing red barns in the snow. The last one with the matching birdhouse is pretty, too.

  13. Barns on greeting cards. Sounds like a new project for you. I love the barn in the snow. Gorgeous picture. But then red barns are special to me!

  14. I really like the rustic second barn, but the snow in the first one is also great ! The VT trip definitely keeps on giving .. so keep posting!

  15. I love the red barn with its matching birdhouse! The first photo really captures the feel of a snowy day in progress.

  16. They are so cute! I love all the snow too! =^.^=

  17. Friesians—-Love the majestic horses!!!
    Brrrr cold time but beautiful images. MB

  18. I never tire of your barn charm fotos Dianna. The Vermont trip that keeps on giving is very special, and I love the red barn at the end of the road in this set. 🙂

  19. I really like the first picture; snow makes everything look so clean and well-kept.

  20. Wow, that was a lot of barn charm. The first pic is like a perfect Christmascard, whit the snow and everything. Beautifull images all of them.

  21. You took some beautiful picture they are nice and crisp

  22. Oh, these snow-covered barns are absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed your “gift that keeps on giving” very much! But, the winner here is that matching bird house. How neat 🙂

  23. The red barn is my fave! So pretty against the snowy background. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your gift that keeps on giving!

  24. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful barns, all three, esp the ‘snowin like crazy’ shot! WoW! Love it

    Thank you so very much for joining =)

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A wonderful trip that keeps on giving. Beautiful pictures.

  26. I’m writing a blog that will mention Vermont barns. Will you give me permission to republish one of your barn photos? I will credit you as the photographer, of course. Thanks for considering this request.
    Martin Holladay

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