Friday’s Fences – Little Boy: Big Dirt Digger

Recently, I came across this picture and thought I’d share it for Friday’s Fences this week.

This was taken the summer Marshall was two years old; the same year the town of Smithfield installed a sewer system. For adults, that meant the inconvenience of having the streets torn up for months, detours, and road equipment everywhere.

For  a two-year-old boy, fascinated by anything with wheels, it was heaven. If at all possible, Marshall was outside, watching those “dirt diggers” at work. And when he was inside, he would stand at the door and look out as long as Mom would allow.


Photos like this sure tug on a Mom’s heartstrings.

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26 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Little Boy: Big Dirt Digger

  1. From his little eyes, they had to be “monster” vehicles. Wow! Great photo!

  2. I love the picture! Even though you can’t see the boy’s face, it’s so obvious that he’s intensely fascinated by the machinery from his stance.

  3. Ohhhh look at those ADORABLE legs!!! Too precious!

  4. awww … look at him. Be still my heart. Tugged at this Mom’s heartstrings, too! MJ

  5. Very sweet photos….little boys LOVE “diggers” – I can remember my younger brother when we were kids saying when he grew up he wanted to be a “Digger Man”….LOL


  6. Love it. All little boys love big machines!! Mark called them Scroad scradders. And they grow up to love big machines!!!

  7. I remember how excited he was when the driver of that ‘dirt digger’ took him for a ride. Those big machines were his passion for years, weren’t they!!

  8. This is so sweet. Love the picture of Marshall on the fence. He was such a cute boy and now a handsome man. Love Marshall.

  9. Love the little shorts! I know what you mean about tugging at heartstrings. I rarely look back at old photos of my kids…too bittersweet. But of course I enjoy them now…just wish there was a way to revisit some of those moments from the past! ~ Sheila

  10. Good Morning Dianna! Very sweet picture.. 🙂 I am impressed at him balancing up there on that fence rail at two. Ida been hanging on for dear life but I would have scrambled up there probably.. 🙂 Love the little tennies and socks and little shorts with the striped tee. We are so lucky to have our pictures!

  11. I enjoy your thoughts and your photo. Marshall is such a cutie pie. He reminds me of my son at that age. This tugs at my heartstrings too.
    Your photo reminds me of Norman Rockwell art. Very nostalgic and sweet.

  12. What a perfect picture capturing the joy in a little boy! I have a picture of Adam getting to sit on a friends lap working a front loader. He’s got a dreamy look on his face and I’m sure it’s the same look Marshall has on his!

  13. OH so cute! way to go, marshall!

  14. It sure was the place to be !

  15. A magical world from a little boy’s eyes! What a wonderful picture Dianna. How very special that we get to feel his wonder through this photo that speaks. It takes me back back back to Mommyhood and definitely tugs at the heart strings.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great shot of Marshall enjoying the big machines.

  17. Adorable photo, Dianna! Those kind of pictures tug on all of us Mamas’ heart strings. I think boys never grow out of their fascination with things that have wheels!

  18. How sweet…great photo!

  19. Such a perfect little boy picture! Love it!

  20. This reminds me of my grandson, nothing on wheels gets by him! Thanks for sharing this great “fence” picture.

  21. What a sweet photo- little boys just love all that big loud equipment.

  22. Awh, I luv that photo — and like most mothers, I identify with those tugs at the heartstrings! Those were such innocent, carefree days for our sweet lil’ boys, weren’t they?!! 🙂

  23. Ahhhh…just TOO cute!

  24. Beautiful, I remember my son being obsessed with diggers 🙂 Ball kicks off tomorrow xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. oh between marshalls cuteness and that huge machine, i forgot we were looking at a fence!! hehe

  26. My son had a full company of Tonka trucks, dozers, diggers, movers and whatever else had wheels. Guess boys just like their big toys. Marshall is so cute here. You’ve had an eye for pictures for years!

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