Six Word Fridays -Hands

Without even thinking, we hold hands.


Linking up to Six Word Fridays.

6 word fridays

28 responses to “Six Word Fridays -Hands

  1. Aw, You’re such a sweet couple. 🙂

  2. So sweet! Things are that much sweeter when they just “happen” instead of having to THINK about them!


  3. Every picture of the two of you shows your love for each other! Every one I see is my favorite.
    Hugs and love,

  4. You both are so photogenic!

  5. Such sweetness 🙂

  6. A great six words Dianna and you two are great together.. 🙂

  7. Isn’t love grand? 🙂

  8. Wow! Couldn’t have been a better six-word Friday.

  9. That is just beautiful, xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. I love this photo! Your closeness, committed love and happiness is beautiful. Happy Friday:)

  11. Love the header of the horses too:)

  12. LOVE IT! Such a happy thought and picture! Thanks for linking up!!

  13. Awww, so sweet. Although I mostly hold hands with my girls these days, I do hope to reunite with my hubby’s hands in the future. Such a beautiful sign of affection!

  14. SOOO sweet. 🙂

  15. Very sweet 🙂

  16. Very nice – so natural !!

  17. You two are simply beautiful! 🙂

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You can always tell when a couple is truly in love. Have a good weekend and try to stay dry.


  20. You two are so sweet together! <– Six words!

  21. Sweet simplicity! I love it!

  22. And that, my friends, is love! (Also 6 words!) ♥

  23. Aww … what a wonderful photo; you two are just made for each other! MJ

  24. The love of a lifetime, I’m so happy for the two of you.

  25. it’s a beautiful picture!! the hubs and i have always held hands!!

  26. The picture is fantastic! You look like a wonderful couple.

  27. As so many said…how sweet! Love your six words! ~ Sheila

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