The Weekend: Horses To Bunny Ears

Saturday was a pretty day here in our area, so I had a bit of spring fever. I spent part of the afternoon working in the yard, doing a little trimming on some perennials, etc. Motor Man worked at our shop until around 2:30. As soon as he pulled into the garage at home, he said: “Let’s go to the beach!”.

So I threw a few things in our weekend bag, and off we went. (Life is rarely boring around our house.)

We stopped along the way to see Aggie. You get extra points if you realize that I’m wearing the same shirt I wore on our last trip to the beach.  Gee, I wonder if Aggie noticed…

aggie love

We were disappointed that we didn’t see ANY wild horses on the beach. We think they must still be “wintering” back in the brush. But we were happy to find that the beach had returned.


You may recall that, on our last trip about a month ago, the same area looked like this.

narrow beach

We were out on the beach in the late afternoon/early evening and decided to catch the sunset from atop Penny’s Hill. It was a bit chilly, but so beautiful and quiet, since we were the only ones there.

sunset from pennys hill

Penny’s Hill is a large sand dune, which, according to legend, swallowed a small town by the name of Seagull many years ago. Having seen how quickly the beach changes, we believe that to be entirely possible. It’s a little eerie to be up there and know that you could be standing on what was once a little seaside town.

You have to love  a little mystery like that.

We came home yesterday, and I made these festive, pastel deviled eggs for Motor Man’s family’s Easter dinner.


And Motor Man rocked the bunny ears…

jr bunny ears1

photo by his sister, Carolyn

(Life is rarely boring around our house.)


23 responses to “The Weekend: Horses To Bunny Ears

  1. mollieandalfie

    Bunny Man..BOL, lovely photo’s we are still waiting for spring.. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.. we had 10 intruders so we are all behind xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. That photo of JR should be saved for blackmailing purposes! LOL Love your pastel Easter eggs – that idea of dying the whites is fabulous. The beach sure did look pretty and no doubt you’re right…the horses were hiding and spying on you and MM from the brush!


  3. Just last night while driving back home Rick reminisced about feeding sugar cubes to “Peso” his aunt and uncle’s horse, which makes me wonder now, are those sugar cubes in your treat bag?
    I might have to ask about the sugar cubes, but there’s no mistaking those delicious deviled eggs. Cute festive Easter idea. So much to like in this post, Dianna. Great details to your weekend story.

    • No, they’re not sugar cubes, Georgette. They’re “apple horse treats” (nuggets) that we buy at Tractor Supply. I keep them in a zip lock in the Jeep- just for Aggie. Thanks for commenting – have a great day!

  4. Aggie looks blissfully happy cozying up to you. She has beautiful eyelashes! A lovely sunset.. 🙂 Those eggs are very festive! Bunny ears.. 😆

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip to the beach Dianna and the Easter bunny ears on Motorman. Priceless. Aggie is such a sweetheart and I can tell you love her too.

  6. What a nice little trip!

  7. Nice little over night get away – with a gorgeous sunset as icing on the cake!

  8. love sweet aggie!! adorable pic of the 2 of you. and mr. bunny ears, too!

  9. Pam, I hope you see this….there is no blackmailing Motor Man because by this time next week, he will have done something even more outrageous. The man is shameless!! ROFL! What a treat this blog is!

  10. Sounds like you two had a lovely Easter weekend. That Aggie is a beauty. It’s so sweet you keep treats handy for her and any other horses you may encounter. You have a good heart. 🙂
    There is an ominous mystique about the ocean and beach and how fast it reclaims it’s territory. I wonder if the legend is true. I certainly agree with you that it seems possible.
    Those eggs are the prettiest deviled eggs I’ve ever seen. You definitely made them festive.
    Gotta love those bunny ears, that Motor Man seems a delightful character.

  11. Thank you for sharing your lovely Easter weekend. Aggie the horse looks sweet.

  12. Happy Easter!

  13. This was a busy one! It’s good to see that the beach is back, and even though you didn’t see any wild horses, you can always count on one tame horse along the way 😉

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Aggie knows good friends when she sees them. The beach does look much better and I loved the ideal of the deviled eggs. And Motor Man is great in his bunny ears.. Have a good week.

  15. Cute pics of you and Aggie and MM with his bunny ears. 🙂 I know you were happy to see the beach looking good again!

  16. Life looks FUN at your house! Cute idea for the deviled eggs – yum. MM sure did rock the bunny ears too.

  17. So, you made the died deviled eggs! I wanted to, but someone else had that dish assigned to them. It is definitely on my list for next Easter. Yours are so beautiful.

  18. I love the pastel deviled eggs. I never thought about dying the whites–but they are absolutely beautiful. I’m going to have to do this the next time I make deviled eggs.

  19. Have you given up cable and gone with rabbit ears? I’ve never seen colored egg whites, you are always on top of things! It’s nice to see the beach returned. I’m glad you got to see Aggie, at least you got a horse “fix.” 🙂

  20. I noticed the shirt straight away b/c it’s my favorite & looks great on you. How do you dye the whites of the eggs? Neat 🙂


  21. Love your spontaneity. Someday, when George retires, we will be able to do that, I hope. Yes, Saturday was lovely! We met my brother and sister-in-law in Williamsburg. And then Sunday came…what was with that! Felt bad for all the Easter egg hunts that got ruined.

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