Little White Barn Charm

Last month, on our way home from lunch with our friends, Pam and Dave, in Sperryville, we passed by this sweet little white barn. I believe this first photo was a drive-by.

first white barn

As always, Motor Man gladly pulled over, so I could get better pictures.

white barn2

You may be able to click this next photo to enlarge it; the colorful “sign” on the end of the barn shows two horses. (My kinda barn…)

white barn

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23 responses to “Little White Barn Charm

  1. mollieandalfie

    Such a beautiful little barn, we clicked and saw the horses 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. What a nice, neat little white barn! That bit of color on the end is a nice touch……


  3. Wow, you guys certainly do get around the state – and tucked up against the mountains, Sperryville is somewhere I’ve just passed by but the scenery was breathtaking.

  4. I saw the horses, too 🙂 There’s something in the lighting in that last photo that is timeless — click it again and you’ll see what I mean. Dianna please consider an etsy shop; you could sell prints of your photos — I’d love to take a break and see that on my desk at work!

  5. Good Morning Dianna! I can see the horses! Very charming.. 🙂

  6. Love your barn pictures, Dianna. I always want to take barn pictures when we drive up the Eastern Shore to Boston, but there never is a place to pull over, or we’re trying to make good time and don’t slow down. You seem to have a great variety and number of barns in your neck of the woods.

  7. Dianna, do I see a colorful quilt on the backside of that barn? Very nice. Thank Motor Man for me for stopping by so we can get a look at this cute barn.

  8. Nice find…love the quilt barns!

  9. Your husband is so kind. He never seems to mind helping you find the best vantage points from which to get your pictures to share with us.

  10. This is truly a charming little hidden treasure of a barn! 🙂

  11. oh, it is a cute little thing!

  12. It’s a cool one … it looks like the type that, with a bit of work, could be converted into a home. But who knows what it’s like inside ?! 😉

  13. Neat barn and the horses make it extra-special!! Yah!! I can comment again!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This is my favorite barn yet I think. I love the sign of the horses. Good job!!

  15. This is a cute little barn! I like the way it sits back among the trees.

  16. Nice barn, and it looks like a beautiful setting!

  17. The barn is adorable! You have such a good sense of how to take engaging photos of barns.

  18. Love that kind of “folk art”—especially barn-siZed 🙂

  19. That is a cool barn, kind of mysterious so far from the road.

  20. Your kind of barn–love it!

  21. Lovely barn scene! Wonderful that your hubby is willing to turn around and go back.

  22. Love this little barn, and the setting is beautiful!

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