Goats And Donkeys And Zebras, Oh My!

A couple of miles from us, there’s a little farm with exotic birds, goats, donkeys and a couple of other animals that you don’t see everyday.

I’ll save the best for last: the reason I called and asked permission to visit and take photos.

But first, the night before we were there, two baby goats had been born. How sweet is this? I wanted to bring him home, but I knew Sundae probably wouldn’t approve.

db baby goat_Snapseed

The first donkey ever on this farm was Jack, who, is now a very YOUNG 25 years old. Jack’s “wife” is with child donkey, possibly twins. No, I wasn’t really kissing him, although, obviously, he is a love bug.

jack and db

They also have emus and llamas, but we didn’t get pictures of those.

When Motor Man and I drive by this farm, we often see the animals out in the pastures. But there’s not a really good vantage point to stop and get pictures.

Last week, as we drove by, I noticed a newborn in one of the pastures. THAT prompted me to call and ask if we could visit.

zebra and  mom

Yes. A baby zebra. It was one week old on Sunday, the day we were there. The owners haven’t determined the gender, so it hasn’t been named yet. Mom and baby wouldn’t get near the fence where we were, so I was glad to have my long lens.

Dad was there too.

baby mom dad

I’m sure these zebras have caused many a second glance as folks drive by the pasture. Who would ever expect to see zebras on a farm in Virginia?

And this concludes another episode of “Animal Planet” here on These Days Of Mine. Thanks for watching.

26 responses to “Goats And Donkeys And Zebras, Oh My!

  1. What a great place to visit….that little baby goat you have in your arms is beyond adorable as is the little zebra…..must be nice to have a complete zoo right up the road!!


  2. Enjoyed your field trip this morning. Sweet, sweet babies born in the spring!

  3. You’re right about no good vantage point to stop and take pictures. On a curve AND a hill, not to mention that narrow road. Love the pictures. Baby animals are so cute and you right, you don’t really expect to see a baby zebra in Tidewater Virginia!!

  4. Great post, Dianna! Enjoyed the photos of Jack and baby goat, the new lil’ zebra and parents, and you, too!! I see you had your own stripes on for the visit. =) The zebras have no clue what a special sight they are in VA!!

  5. Precious babies! I’ve been to his farm too many years ago. Did he used to have it open to the public or was it because my family knows him?

  6. Grace DePasquale

    I’ve often wondered how a person gets in to see these animals. I would love to take my grandchildren there. Do you have a number?

  7. Sweet pictures Dianna! That baby goat is adorable in your arms.. 🙂 That zebra family~cool! Good Morning!

  8. winsomebella

    How fun! Quite nice to have animal planet at arm’s length :-).

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your excursion on Animal Planet! Baby animals — way cute!! A friend of mine has goats and i love to see those little babies. And that zebra baby, what an eye catcher.

  10. Ah … another Wild Kingdom! Right down the road, too … You don’t see zebra everyday; such amazing patterns – love how narrow the stripes get on the way down to the feet !

  11. So fun! What a discovery! I love watching zebras…next to giraffes, might be my favorites.

  12. mollieandalfie

    Awww I want that baby goat 🙂 What a fantastic place xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. A baby animal utopia so near to you! I love the baby goat. I love the baby zebra. Well, babies – you know – all adorable. We have VA Safari Park very near to us and my granddaughter and friends are coming Saturday to “go on Safari!” I’m sure there will be lots of babies there too, since it’s that time of year. Thanks for sharing your great pictures Dianna. Terrific!

  14. That baby goat photograph is so adorable! And, you’re right, who in a million years would ever think to see zebras on a farm! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing these great pics!

  15. Who knew – Zebras in VA. I expect a photo op of the llamas soon! Great photos.

  16. the kid is tiny and adorable! love donkeys. and the zebra is wonderful!

  17. Love this!!! And Sundae might be OK – all right, probably not.
    I gotta say – you and Motor Man go on some AWESOME drives!

  18. The little goat is so cute! My husband’s nephew has a zebra, a camel, yaks, and some type of little donkey. I’ve been told he plans to try and cross the zebra with the donkey. They do get a lot of attention from people passing. They are on his late grandfather’s farm; what would Grandpa think!

  19. Zebras in Virginia, who would have thought?! The baby goat is adorable, as is the donkey.

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful find. Zebras and Goats, and you O Mine!!

  21. Great pictures. I love the donkey. How many donkey years equal to ours? Apparently he still “active”. Thanks for sharing.

  22. The baby goat is absolutely darling.

  23. Awwww, they are all precious…even ‘ol Jack! You will have to keep us posted on the little zebra. Would love to know what they name him/her!

  24. Oh wow! I’ve driven past a time or two but never stopped, what precious animals. I agree, we must have a little zebra update 🙂

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