Two, Two, Two Contests In One

Well, sort of.

If you’re a regular reader, you know how fond I am of the wild horses of Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Corolla Wild Horse Foundation Facebook page is one of my “liked” pages. That’s how I learned of a current contest where amateur photographers can send in up to three pictures. Thirteen photos will be chosen for the 2015 Corolla Wild Horse calendar. (2014 is already printed.)

So…. I have selected three from my many hundreds thousands of OBX photos. All three of these have been feautured previously here on These Days. But I’m sharing them again today for a reason.

  This first one I’ve titled “In The Wind”.

in the wind

This next one is “Show Off”.

show off2

And the last one is “Running Girl”:

running girl

Now, here’s where YOUR part of the contest comes in: leave a comment, choosing one of these that you think might possibly, maybe, perhaps be selected by one of the Corolla contest judges. If by some remote chance miracle, one of my photos is selected, I will draw a name from those of you who selected that photo. And I’ll send you a prize package.

If none of my photos are chosen, I’ll just pick a name from all the comments and that person will receive the prize.

What’s the prize?  Good question. I haven’t decided yet. But it will definitely be worth a comment, I promise.

(P.S. The judges’ names are listed on the entry blank.  I don’t know any of them and am 99.9% positive none of them read my blog. )

43 responses to “Two, Two, Two Contests In One

  1. All of them are gorgeous, but I think the 2nd one is so unusual that it might catch the eye of the judges! You have some great photos here – proof once again that you are a master at catching the moment!

  2. Wow, this is a tough one. I am torn between Showoff and Running Girl. Showoff is delightful and makes me smile. Running Girl is just a beautiful picture that I can easliy imagine on a calendar. Send both!

  3. mollieandalfie

    Love them all, but #2 is so special, to capture that is amazing.. A sure winner 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Those photos are really fabulous Dianna…..they’re all special in their own way but “Show Off” is my pick. It’s just the right combination of “different” and “fun” that someone picking photos for a calendar might like!! Bet it’s the only one like that the judges will see……………


  5. Show-Off – hands down! Great, unique shot. Makes me want to go rub her/his belly!

  6. I have to go with the crowd…’show-off’ is the most unusual of the shots but they’re all great. I’ll be sure to check out their FB page!

  7. All three of them are GREAT — but if i have to choose, I choose “SHOW-OFF” too — the contrast of color against the sand really makes the “beauty” pop out of the photo. Good Luck —

  8. Yes,definitly Show Off. She/he acts like she/he has no worry in this world, but to show off to you!!!!!!

  9. Ok, I’m the odd guy out. They are all great but I bet the judges choose “In the Wind”. For the drama. Just sayin’ 😉

  10. I love #3. There is just something so beautiful about a horse running with the wind in her mane! The lighting is so great on this one. I can just hear the clomp, clomp of her hooves. Good luck, Diane. I’m sure one of yours will be picked.

  11. Hmmm. Good Morning Dianna! I need a little time to think and decide. I will return. Today of course. Such a cool idea. I am glad you are doing this.

    • Geez Louise all three shots are awesome! Tough tough choice. My personal favorite is “Running Girl” because I think, I can’t tell for sure but I think you have captured her with all four off the sand. But “In the Wind” is so what the wild horses of Corolla are all about and with the silhouette you captured their body type. The sand all kicked up in that pinkish gold light. So, I say “In the Wind”! Whew!!! I need a glass of wine. You get to send in all three for consideration right? Good Luck Dianna!

  12. My favorite is #1 In the Wind, however…#2 Show Off is so much more unusual, and I think the judges would be looking or unique photos. So I pick #2.

  13. I Love “In the Wind”. (They’re all great!) But I love the action seen in the flowing mane and kicked up sand.

  14. All 3 of them are calendar worthy but I like #1 and #2. Maybe they will pick both of them. Good luck.

  15. They are all beautiful, but when I saw “Show Off” it elicited a HUGE smile and an “Awwwwwww!”.

  16. I’m so glad you can send in all three as I think they all have a chance. I remember #2 and your title from a while back, and I think the lighting of #3 is beautiful. I can imagine #2 as a page on a calendar and producing laughter from the people turning that page of the calendar. 🙂 Good luck, Dianna. If the swans can get on TV, you could be on a roll here. Pulling for you.

  17. I choose “Show off”, if I am allowed to take part in the contest.

  18. Seriously? I have to choose? Good luck!

  19. All three of them are beautiful and stunning! You’ve truly captured some wonderful moments. If I would have to choose (which is hard) I would say ‘Show Off’.

  20. Definitely “In the wind!!!” Good luck!

  21. the first one is classic and so beautiful. but i agree, the 2nd is different enough to pull their attention. so i’m going with #2.

  22. In the Wind! It is gorgeous!!! If I had time to paint, I’d ask if I could use it as the base for one of my paintings.

  23. Living with horses and loving them as I do I must say #2 Showing off is your miracle photo. Catching her with all four hooves in the air while she seems to be saying “Ahaaaaaa Life is Sooooooooo Good! ” My Dad used to tell me you could tell a horses worth by the number of times they rolled in succession. Another of his oldtimers sayings for sure! Running Girl is beautiful I love the colors of the ocean and the sand. She seems to be running at a smooth pace and so free!! They are all worthy of being framed individually or in a calendar. Good Luck!! Your prize should be a framing of the winner!! Just saying!!!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!!

  24. I love them all!

  25. I love them all, but I’d have to go with “Show Off”. It’s more unusual and just so cool!

  26. Wow this is a tough decision LOL as of course all three are beautiful pictures! I’m having a hard time deciding between pictures one and two, picture number one says to me Beauty, Majestic, Regal, while picture number two seems very Candid and Innocent. I think I’m going to go with picture number two, good luck!

  27. “Show-Off”, no doubt !
    That’s the one I’d pick, anyway..
    This is how I know it’s unique: it’s easy to find a statue of a horse on two, three, or four legs, but I’ve never seen a statue of horse rolling around on their back !! 😉

  28. I’m thinking…Ok enough thinking. I’ve decided that Show Off will be the one the judges will pick. Lots of other folks would have captured the beautiful shots of horses running up and down the beach, but ONLY you, Dianna, captured the unique and private moment in Show Off. May the odds be ever in your favor…

  29. Joyce F in KS

    I’d vote for Show Off. Hope one of them wins!

  30. ok, I’ve been back three times. It’s about time I choose! Each shot has reasons for it to stand out – but I’m going to say “show off” – because of its uniqueness….and the gorgeous light. I so hope one {or more!} of your shots is chosen!!

  31. They’re all great and it’s hard to choose–but I think that In In the WInd is my favorite.

  32. They’re all great, but I agree that “Show Off” is a more original shot.

  33. ‘Tuff choice…..but I love “In the Wind.”

  34. Oh they are all so beautiful! I like the second one show off the most though because it looks like so much fun. Pure joy in a photo! I really hope that the judges see sense and accept at least one of your photos! Bisous Bailey

  35. What fun! All three of the photos are awesome. The one that appeals to me the most is the first one. It shows the beauty and majesty of this horse as he runs freely on the beach. But the second one is the most unique. You caught it just at the right time! If the judges are looking for ‘classic’, they’ll go with In the Wind. But if they have a sense of humor and want a photo that’s not like all the others, they’ll choose Show Off. 🙂

  36. Most definitely the last one, “Running Girl”. I love the composition and color! Good luck Dianna.

  37. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have no doubt “In the Wind’ will be picked!!. All the pictures are winners.
    The judges will have a very hard decision to make. Good luck Dianna, you deserve to win.

  38. They are all phenomenal photos Dianna, but i surprised myself and chose “Show Off” because it’s how I feel when I first get to the beach! And the pose is different that one usually sees in “art photography.” I think it has an excellent chance of winning.

  39. “Show Off”–spectacular shot and I too can hear the beat of hooves on the hard sand.

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