Sometimes, it’s difficult for us women to understand males.

After seeing this display on the Outer Banks yesterday, I have to wonder if female horses don’t also have that problem with the males of their species.

Two “guys” were just walking along, probably talking sports (maybe women) and glancing out at the ocean.

guys 9-1-2013 8-30-13 AM

Apparently, Mr. Black said something to which Mr. Brown took offfense.

2 stallions best 9-1-2013 8-30-28 AM

Mr. Black: “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”

2 stallions 9-1-2013 8-30-15 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Brown: “THIS is what I’m gonna do about it!”

2 stallions2 9-1-2013 8-30-17 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Black: “Aw, come on, man. You know I didn’t mean anything by it. Lighten up!”

horseplay 9-1-2013 8-30-22 AM_Snapseed

Mr. Brown and Mr. Black  (to me): “WHAT?!

what 9-1-2013 8-30-29 AM

It was just guy stuff.  You wouldn’t understand.”


19 responses to “Men!

  1. This is absolutely priceless!!! It would not have been as entertaining without your commentary!!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. Boys will be boys! Great photos….it appears they worked out whatever their issue was…probably a girl!


  3. Those are some great pigtures


  4. If you ever figure “men” out, you will make a fortune from every woman you know. Love it.

  5. Guy stuff indeed. Enough said!

  6. I agree, Men! Looks like they worked it out!

  7. just one punching the other in the arm. 🙂

  8. I love to watch the guys play fight!

  9. Trust me…the girls do it too but they tend to bite!

  10. Bwa!! Ha!! Ha!!!!

  11. These misunderstandings happen easily… are you absolutely sure there were no mares around? 😉
    Look at all the tracks they left in the sand !

  12. He was probably ragging the other’s favorite sports team, or girlfriend! Cute post, great shots of behavior not often seen.

  13. oh what a man cave to play in!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You could not have commented any better on these pictures. Let’s face it, we will never know what goes on in a man’s mind! 🙂

  15. hehehe! Pawesome! we are giggling! Boys will be boys! =^.^=

  16. Hahahaha! A story in pictures and your perfect words. A flash of anger, idle threats and peace returns.

  17. Oh, men….who understands what goes on in their brains? (No matter what animal they are!) This was so creative!

  18. My husband says there should be a Rosetta Stone language program for men and women so we can learn to speak the language of the opposite sex…if only! I’m sure you’re right, these differences occur in all species! ~ Sheila

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