Barn Charm – Amish Country

You know your supply of barn pictures is low when you have to look back three years to find a Barn Charm photo.

Motor Man and I visited the Amish Country near Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2010. This was just before I began blogging, so these pictures certainly weren’t taken with Barn Charm in mind.

So many interesting things in this picture: the pulley-system clothesline, the narrow “windows” on the barn, the tobacco drying inside.

amish laundry2 9-24-2010 6-48-46 AM

It was harvest season, and quite a sight to see the farmers working the fields with their horses, rather than modern farm machinery.

working the fields

Another barn, more tobacco.

amish barn and silo 9-24-2010 4-58-32 AM

There’s no shortage of barns in this area.

three silos 9-24-2010 5-20-45 AM

(I wonder how far back in my files I’ll have to go for next week’s Barn Charm photos…?)

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14 responses to “Barn Charm – Amish Country

  1. I agree that Amish country is THE place for capturing interesting barns. Love all of these but my favorite is the first one with that clothesline and tobacco drying inside…’s “got it all” !


  2. And these barns are all still well used! No chance of them deteriorating any time soon.

  3. Enjoyed this post! We lived in that area for a while and loved every minute! Such a beautiful area. Love the Amish farms. We have them in Wisconsin also, in the Westby, Cashton, Coon Valley area. Nice photos!

  4. I loved the countryside when we use to visit Harold’s sister in Pa, either at the house or on the lake in their houseboat. The people were incredible and everything was so neat and tidy. That barn was definitely a reminder of past times. Thanks.

  5. really nice area! i do like the venting on tobacco barns.

  6. I love to visit an Amish farms and here in Michigan we have several locations but not very close to my area. I like their barn painted in white pretty unique.


  7. This is a great post! I’m glad you dug back in your archives! There’s just something about hanging tobacco … You don’t see it around here; you have to go a bit further west in VA… & there’s a fine shot of the horses working in the field 😉

  8. I love these pictures – Amish country is always beautiful!

  9. There are no shortage of barns in my area either, so if you start running low…I know a place where you can go! And visit with me to boot. 😉

  10. The horses working in the field is not something I have seen here. Great picture. The tall white barn with the tobacco is charming and so is the pulley- system clothesline!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love Amish country, just beautiful. They live such a simple and back to nature life. The first and second pictures are my favorite, but all are great.

  12. I’m glad you told me that was tobacco, I had no clue. The clothesline caught my eye right away. It’s hard to imagine them still working manually.

  13. Loved these photos. We used to live on the outskirts of Lancaster County in the late ’70’s. I’m sure , if we went back, things would look the same there. Not many places you can say that about!

  14. Wow! No matter how far back you have to go, you barns are charmers! 🙂

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