We Sadly Say Good-bye

“The Greatest Generation” lost another of its own yesterday.

pop as soldier_Snapseed

Motor Man’s father passed away at home in the early morning hours. He was 91.

Pop was an infantryman, serving in France and Germany during World War II. He received many honors and medals, including a Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

pop soldier 9-18-2013 8-39-41 AM

He was married to his bride (who survives him) for 71-plus years.

mom and pop

They were parents to four children, Motor Man being the only son.

pop mom jr

Every time Marshall visited, the first and last thing he did was shake Pop’s hand. Pop would say: “Hello, Marshall. And how’s your behavior?”.

marshall and pop 4-3-2011 5-07-25 PM

This is a favorite picture, taken at the celebration of “Mom” and “Pop’s” 69th anniversary in 2011.

db jr marshall mom pop 6-5-2011 10-36-52 AM

Pop was great grandaddy (“Gee-Gee”) to four little ones, with a fifth expected next spring. And, oh, how he adored those great grands.

pop and josey

A true Southern gentleman, a man of few words (which made what he did say even more noteworthy), a proud American and a loving and much-loved family man.

home of the brave 5-5-2011 7-56-12

Long before we’re ready, we sadly say good-bye, 
but there are those in a far better place
 who are softly whispering: “welcome home”.

31 responses to “We Sadly Say Good-bye

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a great, unassuming gentleman. Thank you for those pictures of the younger ‘Pop’. He will be missed by so many people. We know he was welcomed to that better place with open arms by all! Goodbye to a wonderful patriot and gentleman!

  2. What a sad story, but such a beautiful post…

  3. What a lovely post in memory of JR’s most special Dad’s long life and many contributions. I love that drawing of him as a young man and he looks so proud to be in that uniform too……one special man he was and will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew him.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. So well said…..thinking of you all! especially JR

  5. You have lost one from the “greatest generation” as Tom Brokaw has written. What a great man. He loved each and every one of you. That shines through each group photo and his love will be in your hearts forever. “Great is the man whose children — family and friends love him.”
    This is a wonderful tribute for him and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  6. We are so sorry to hear of your loss and our thoughts are with you and your family today.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your father-in-law♥ I just realized how much JR looks like his dad – especially when looking at his dad’s portrait and the pic of you and JR side by side. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  8. What a loving tribute! I am so sorry for your loss; it’s obvious to all that you enjoyed and appreciated him.

    Warm hugs and sympathy to all of you today and for the days to come.

    I wished I lived closer to bring you some home-made soup and baked goodies!!


  9. Beautiful tribute to a special man who loved his family and his country. He will be missed for his friendship and devotion to his family. God speed.

  10. Mary Alma Savedge

    Great picture to keep the special memories alive! Thinking of all of you at this time.

  11. How lucky you all were to have such a remarkable person in your circle. Your post says it all and we are also fortunate to meet him even now, even this way – through your wonderful tribute to a true soldier for America.

  12. A beautiful tribute, well written, and making me feel as if I knew him! I am sure he will be missed by all whose lives he touched.

  13. We are so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was an incredible man who had an incredible life.

    Nothing we say will make it any easy for you to bear but please know we are thinking of you at this sad time.

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy, Basil & Amy

  14. Oh my…I’m sad right along with you. I’ve loved every time he appears in your posts – that last shot of him is seared in my memory. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you … he’s dear to many because of the fine things you’ve shared about him in this special place. Hugs.

  15. I have tears in my eyes. It is obvious you loved him very much. The respect and tenderness you show in writing about him. What a loss for his family and community, and thanks for showing us all what a treasure he was.

  16. Thinking of you all during this sad time. Sending our prayers.
    Some wonderful pictures Dianna.

  17. The second to last photograph brought me to tears. What a wonderful man and a blessing to so many❤️

  18. Oh Dianna, I’m so sorry to hear this news. Please know I’ll be keeping you, Motor Man and family in my prayers. You wrote the most lovely and loving tribute to this very special man and I see how much he will be missed. May God comfort you all.

  19. I’m very sorry for your loss, but it’s a beautiful tribute you have here and I loved learning about such a lovely man. =^.^=

  20. We sends yous much love. What a great tribute!
    Nellie and Mommy

  21. Truly a great member of the “The Greatest Generation”. Prayers to all. Thanks for sharing such an intimate, loving picture.

  22. A beautiful tribute. Your post describes his spirit & character perfectly. A great man from the greatest generation. Thank you for including what he would ask me every time he saw me. I could always count on it, and I would say “As good as can be expected..”
    Thank you all for the comments here ..
    We’ll miss you, Pop ..

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, you have truly made your Father-IN-Law very proud. What a lovely post. Jr and you both have my love, prayers, and thoughts.
    God bless the whole family.

  24. What a great tribute. So sorry you are missing such a beloved family member. Ellie

  25. i am sorry for your loss – and for the loss your mother-in-law must be feeling. bless her…

  26. So so sorry for your loss…

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. This post is a beautiful tribute and testimony that he was a great man.
    We send hugs.
    (Texas’ human)

  28. So very sorry for your loss — a man who left a great legacy of love and honor behind him. God’s sweetest and warmest blessings to cover you and the family in these days, Dianna. Love to you all…

  29. Dianne and Jr—–so sorry for your loss. What a remarkable man, father, husband ,grandfather and great grandfather, he must have been. Wish I could do something for you, but I had 2 chemos on Thursday and I am very low. Our very best to you two and Mrs. Keen. Janet & Ward

  30. Our condolences to you and your family. I know he will be missed by many. My FIL served in the same areas of Europe, never spoke much of it.

  31. I’m sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a true old-fashioned gentleman! Blessings to your family! ~ Sheila

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