Barn Charm: Virginia History Lesson

In the county where I was raised, there’s an old plantation known as Pace’s Paines.  It’s about 25 miles from where I now live. Ever since I’ve been participating in Barn Charm, I’ve been eyeing the old barn, but never really stopped to get a picture. Until last Saturday.

paces paines barn 9-21-2013 10-58-24 AM

Here’s the Virginia Historical Road Marker located in front of the plantation:

paces paines sign 9-21-2013 11-00-01 AM

And a couple of memories I have of Virginia history relating to Pace’s Paines: the Indian who notified Richard Pace about the planned attack was named Chanco. I’m not sure why that fact was omitted from the sign.

And the Indian Chief Opechancanough?  We had to learn how to spell AND pronounce his name. It sort of sounds like “opa can canoe”.

My, but that sign brought back some long forgotten memories.

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16 responses to “Barn Charm: Virginia History Lesson

  1. Such an interesting story…..that barn looks like it’s hoping somebody gives it a bit of support so it can stand there a while longer! That little building behind it looks like an outhouse…. 🙂


  2. Your homeland is just laden with history – so fascinating!

  3. Very interesting…its amazing this old charmer is still standing.

  4. Guess we really never forget all those Virginia history lessons we learned! Thanks for the reminder about Paces Paines!

  5. That’s one brave man settling there with the Indians. Not to mention ROWING a boat across the James?

  6. Certainly they aren’t going to let that little charmer fall down?!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. … It is surprising that Chanco was omitted from the sign .. ?? :/ Opechancanough was Chief Powhatan’s brother- and Powhatan’s REAL name was Wahunsenacawh – one of the best names from those years 😉 The history around here is rich and deep …. And we have great barns, too ! I see the top of another structure in the distance.. A smokehouse ???

  8. I’m glad you stopped to get a picture of this great old barn. Interesting history of Pace”s Paines.

  9. Interesting history there. I wish they’d place those markers in a safe place where people can get to them to read them.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great history lesson. So much history that I did not know about Surry Country, even with me growing up there. Thanks for bring me up to date.
    Here’s hoping they fix the barn up some.

  11. I love that you gave us the way to pronounce it. That is a mouthful indeed.

  12. Fascinating barn and history! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Nice barn and I enjoyed the history lesson! I’m glad I don’t have to spell that name all the time. 🙂

  14. Not a lot holding that old dear together! Interesting history of the plantation.

  15. I loved Virginia History. Thanks.

  16. Wow! Love the history of that area! You are so lucky to live there! ~ Sheila

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