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Virginia Tourism Message

Yesterday, Motor Man and I took his mom to lunch and then to an antique mall in nearby Williamsburg, Va.

We came home via the ferry, which crosses the James River from Jamestown to Surry County. Surry County is the neighboring county to Isle of Wight, where we live. The ferry is operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the approximately 15-minute ride is free. For those of you not from this area, here’s a little Virginia tourism information.

The  Jamestown ferry dock is located directly beside Jamestown Island, where the first settlers arrived in 1607.

jamestown island

Replicas of their three ships are moored at the island. Can you name them?

3 ships

(Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery)

There are several monuments on Jamestown Island. The tall obelisk is the Jamestown Tercentennial, which was built in 1907. To the right are the ruins of Jamestown Church. And further to the right is the statue of Captain John Smith.

pocahontas monument and jamestown church

Two alternating ferries cross the James River.  We were on the Pocahontas yesterday. The names of the other ferries are the Virginia, the Williamsburg and the Surry, which we passed (met) mid-river.


It was a perfect day for a ferry ride.

jr and mom on ferry

This concludes today’s tourism message.  Visit Virginia!

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