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Gypsy’s First Christmas

Gypsy celebrated her first Christmas yesterday.

Prezzies! For me?

In the large package was Gypsy’s new, “big-girl” bed (which she, so far, has ignored). The small package was a gift from our friends, Pam and Dave and their kitty, Sammy. It was a “cube” kitty playhouse.

gypsy looking out of cube 12-23-2013 9-43-09 PM

And Gypsy LOVES it! She rolled in it across the floor like a hamster in a wheel, she peeked out of it and curled up in it.

gypsy in cube 12-23-2013 9-45-32 PM

All attempts to get her to pose with a red bow on her head, however were…

gypsy and jr 12-23-2013 9-53-59 PM


marshall db gypsy 12-23-2013 9-57-52 PM

But, look at that sweet face. Who needs a red bow anyway?

gyp 12-23-2013 9-53-22 PM

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