Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

Random Five Friday

Friday again!

Here’s my randomness for this week:

1.) I think I’m finally nearing the end of what is (so far) a ten-day long cold/sinus issue. That red nose you see glowing in the distance may not be Rudolph’s….

2.) Yesterday morning. “A sunrise is God’s way of saying: ‘Let’s start again’.” ~Todd Stocker

morning 12-18-2013 6-49-32 PM

3.) Shopping trip planned today with my friend, Bev.  Her 4-year old great niece, Stella, will be with us, so it will be fun.

4.) Motor Man took this picture yesterday of a sound-asleep Gypsy. Yes, that’s a spark plug on the counter beside her bed. Why she hasn’t knocked that on the floor yet, we can’t imagine. (I think Santa needs to bring someone a larger bed….)


5.) Am I ready for Christmas?  Almost. How about you?



~These Days Of Mine~