Daily Archives: December 27, 2013

Random Five Friday

One more Christmas related Random Five Friday.

1. Since yesterday’s post focused on Gypsy, it’s only fair that, today, I share a Christmas picture of Sundae.

sundaes tongue 12-25-2013 8-46-22 AM

2. I feel so fortunate that we have family to visit on Christmas.  I love this picture of Motor Man’s mom with  her two great grandsons.

nanny christian josey 12-24-2013 11-03-50 PM

3. We also visited my sister and niece on Christmas Day.

db june barb 12-25-2013 2-11-29 AM

4. We took our second annual Christmas family photo. And once again, Sundae chose not to cooperate.

family photo 12-25-2013 8-55-30 AM

5, Motor Man gave me half of a Samsung tablet for Christmas,  and I gave him the other half. Let the learning begin!

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