Treasure Hunting: The Back Of The Closet

A couple of weeks ago, when my friends and I went antiquing, my friend, Shirley, took a small vintage lamp to be rewired. I was reminded that I have a similar one that was my mom’s.

I made a mental note to look through some storage boxes in search of Mom’s lamp, but hadn’t really given it further thought.

Monday, I decided to clean out our “Christmas closet”. It’s a long narrow closet, and I don’t recall the last time I was actually at the rear of it.  As I was rummaging through there, separating out what to keep, what to toss and what to take to the thrift shop, I happened upon a small box that didn’t contain Christmas items.

lamp1 12-3-2013 7-30-48 AM

And in that box was Mama’s old lamp. There are no markings on it at all, and although that looks like dirt along the bottom, I think it may have been “gold” at one time. It’s about five inches tall, not counting the fixture. Wouldn’t I just love to know how she happened to have this: was it a gift? Handed down to her from another family member?

I was amazed that I just happened upon this little lamp so soon after I had been reminded of it.

Now… to shop for a suitable lampshade. (Sounds like another treasure hunt antiquing trip to me!)

~These Days Of Mine~


23 responses to “Treasure Hunting: The Back Of The Closet

  1. Perhaps at Strasburg Emporium? I’m seeing a simple silk shade…I bet you find one – or at the very least have FUN trying to!


  2. Adorable lamp only 5″ tall. When Rick’s mother passed away, she had several lamps that we held onto. We had them refurbished, rewired and replaced the tattered lampshades.
    Another thing you make me think of. I had three fairy figurines and a wishing well that sat on my dresser when I was young. They must date back to about the same time as your mama’s lamp. I passed them on to D1 who put them on her dresser growing up. You make me wonder (1) where are they now? (2) and what is the story behind them? I hope I can find them, and if I can’t I must ask my mother right away about their “story”. I want to know.
    Thank you for the memories, Dianna. I have enjoyed my coffee with you this morning.

  3. I think I can solve the mystery of where the lamp came from. If I remember (and this was a LOOOOONG time ago!) Mama asked us to go and buy her a lamp. So Daddy took Rose and I to buy the lamp. Mama was not really pleased when we came back with this one. She wanted a large full-size lamp and to her this did not fit the bill. So I’m a little surprised that she kept it for so long. ..

  4. Very sweet lamp! With HORSES!!!

  5. You were meant to find it! What a sweet little lamp with sweet memories of your mother attached to it. You must show us the lamp shade you find to go with it.

  6. 🙂 It was just back there waiting for you !

  7. I am up for looking for a shade! It is a sweet lamp.

  8. what a great closet find!! and so special that it was your moms!!

  9. That lamp is a treasure for sure. So special

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure! I am sure this sweet lamp meant more to your Mom than June thinks sense it was picked out by her and Rose.

  11. It’s a sweet treasure for sure. And isn’t it funny how when we talk about something obscure or even think about it, the object somehow materializes?

  12. I adore that lamp, it has such character! Based on your colors in your house, and your favorite tops you wear, I say you pick up the blue in the drivers coat and accentuate your cute little lamp with that 🙂

    I don’t think there are coincidences, I think they are circumstances where He chooses to remain anonymous… MJ

  13. I love the lamp and the fairy-tale aura of the figures.

  14. What a precious lamp. And to be from your mom is so special.

  15. Cute lamp. I know it will be even better when you can display it with shade and all. I have a closet under the stairs that I need to get to the back of one of these days. Who knows what treasure awaits?

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