A Quiet Weekend

Motor Man and I didn’t make it to the Christmas Craft Market that I mentioned in Friday’s post.

We were both recovering from colds and thought it best not to be out in the night air.

Saturday, we spent most of the day at home, resting.

Yesterday, we took his mom out for lunch and a little antiquing.  And caught this sunset on the way home.

snapseed jordan house-001

There’s something to be said for quiet weekends.

~These Days Of Mine~


16 responses to “A Quiet Weekend

  1. Indeed there is…..and you both NEEDED it – – – bad!! Beautiful photo…..


  2. Good. A quiet weekend is very much in order at this time of year. Take care, both of you.

  3. Beautiful picture, those clouds. That is the only way I like my weekends, quiet.. 🙂 Hope you both are feeling better this morning.

  4. Me too – pretty quiet weekend. Some friends came over Saturday night…but the kind of friends that are almost family – so no super fussing required. I finished fixing up the house for Christmas, did some crafting…and watched it snow! I just LOVE that photo! A perfect winter sunset!

  5. Everyone needs a quiet weekend at home. Good for the soul. Hope you feel better soon. Love the photo.

  6. Very pretty sunset photo. Hope both your colds are on their way OUT and you have a beautiful week!

  7. Quiet weekends, healing, and beautiful sunsets – the best. Now, if I can just lasso one of those for us.

  8. I hope you are both feeling better now Dianna, and “rarin’ to go” again!

  9. Beautiful sunset! Hope you get over that cold soon.

  10. You know I love a quiet weekend. I sincerely hope your cold does not become your best friend like mine has–with me all the time! Enjoy your week Dianna–I miss you!

  11. Quiet weekends can be true blessings, can’t they? Hope you’re both feeling better — that sunset had to help!!

  12. Sometimes a quiet weekend is just what’s needed… love the sunset shot !

  13. Beautiful sunset….and the perfect behind that beautiful old house!
    Hope you’re both feeling better today.

  14. what a pretty sunset, your image is just gorgeous!! i had a very busy week and a special tea with my mom on saturday. on sunday, i filled the crockpot and hid in the house. didn’t answer the phone and everyone thought we were “busy”. i may have told a few white lies….but sunday was wonderful!!

    i hope your feeling better!!!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Quiet weekends are one of my favorite things. Connie and Martha when Friday night and had a great time but VERY COLD. You and Motor Man made the right decision I think. Hope you both are feeling better.

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