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A Man and His Music

Recently, while rummaging through some of my earliest blog posts, I thought it might be fun to republish one occasionally, sort of a rerun or encore presentation. 

This post was first published in September of 2010.

“…son, can you play me a memory?”  

My son, Marshall,  (age 1 year). His musical preference had not yet been clearly defined.

marshall at piano 5-26-2005 9-39-34 PM

Marshall, at age 4, with Mark Miller, lead singer of the country group, Sawyer Brown. At that age, your musical preference is usually the same as your parents’.

marshall and mark miller 9-26-2010 5-28-16 PM 9-26-2010 5-28-16 PM

As a teenager, Marshall experienced  “the heavy metal years” (sigh….not my musical preference by any means).

But we made it through those years. I was SO relieved when, as a young adult, Marshall asked me one day if I had ever listened to The Beatles. Whew! Now there was some music I knew about! He went on to discover the likes of CCR, Charlie Daniels, Bob Dylan, The Lemon Pipers…. And he also introduced me to music by The Band and Grateful Dead, among others.

marshall 9-26-2010 9-54-25 PM

Then, around 2002, Marshall discovered the jam band, Phish, and became a fan.  This picture was taken in front of Hampton Coliseum, one of the favorite venues for the band and their fans.

marshall - coliseum 3-7-2009 8-44-34 PM

Although Phish now takes top billing as Marshall’s musical preference, he still likes that “old time rock and roll”.

marshall at piano 5-26-2005 9-39-34 PM

…”I reminisce about the days of old”….

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday

…our only sign of spring, so far…

jonquils 3-16-2014 7-23-05 AM

jonquils1 3-16-2014 3-22-54 PM

jonquils2 3-16-2014 3-23-35 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

National Kitty Holiday?

Last Tuesday was apparently an unannounced national holiday: Silly Kitty Pose Day. Or purrhaps that should be: Kitty Silly Pose Day.

First there was our shop kitty, Gypsy:

gyps1 3-11-2014 12-30-13 PM

With her silly kitty poses, including the extended paw.

gypsy paw 3-11-2014 12-30-53 PM

Then when we got home, we found our kitty, Sundae, celebrating the holiday:

sundae2 3-11-2014 2-34-19 PM

Again, with the paw pose:

sundae1 3-11-2014 2-34-45 PM

Then, later, Marshall sent us pictures of his kitty, Snugg, also taking part in the holiday.

snugg1 3-11-2014 2-48-55 PM

And with his obligatory paw pose…

snugg2 3-11-2014 2-48-02 PM

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a new holiday on next year’s calendars.

~These Days Of Mine~

Summer To Winter In 36 Hours

Saturday morning, Motor Man needed to run an errand just across the Virginia/North Carolina border. The weather was almost perfect: sunny and temps in the low 70’s.  With a forecast looming for rain, sleet, wind and temps in the thirties for last night and today, we decided to head to the beach once our errand was complete.

The condition of the sand is different each time we go out on the beach. Saturday, it was perfect for driving; we didn’t even need to use 4-wheel-drive. That’s smoke in the distance, but we don’t know the source.

the beach 3-15-2014 12-23-57 PM

“My” wild horses are apparently still hunkered down in the brush, because we didn’t see any out on the beach. But we did spot this one, still wearing its winter woolies.

horse 3-15-2014 12-41-21 PM

I’m glad we stored up a little summer to get us through this (hopefully) last round of winter.


In shirtsleeves, but a bit windblown!

(No snow for us this St. Patrick’s Day morning; just windy, rainy and 34 degrees.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Friday has “rolled around” again, and it’s time to link up with Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday.

1.) Sundae received a birthday e-card from her vet earlier this week. Don’t tell her, but I’m glad she did:  it slipped my mind that she adopted us three years ago today. Yes, she’s put on a few pounds blossomed a little in those three years, but that’s what furrever homes are all about, right?

sundae green eyes 3-15-2011 9-48-49 AM

2.) Anyone else having a difficult time adjusting to daylight savings time?  It will probably be a little easier once daylight comes earlier in the morning.  Before the time change, I was out of bed by 6:15, now I’m usually not even awake until 7. But I’m still up in time for the sunrise.

sunrise 3-11 3-11-2014 6-04-03 AM

3.) This little one was one of seven deer in our yard the other evening.  Now, that’s camouflage!

baby deer 3-9-2014 5-27-36 PM

4.) In May of 2012, I wrote a post about Wolftrap, an old house in our area that Motor Man and I had the privilege of going in before it was dismantled. Recently, on Facebook, I discovered the Abandoned In Virginia page and posted a picture of Wolftrap there. At last check, it had received 670 likes. But I also commented on the picture and included a link to the blog post I wrote about it. That post has had nearly 500 hits in just the last four days. (Now if all that publicity could just result in a sale for Wolftrap, so it could be restored.)

dormers 10-16-2011 12-28-38 PM

5.)   Motor Man and I had our very first date 16 years ago last night. Each year, on March 13, we returned to the same restaurant until it closed several years ago. Last night, we just celebrated at Cracker Barrel.

jrdb 16 3-13-2014 4-45-18 PM

Thank again to Nancy for hosting Random Five Friday!

~These Days Of Mine~

Wednesday In Hanover

Yesterday, Motor Man and I traveled a couple of hours north to Hanover Courthouse, Virginia.

The reason for the trip was to meet and have lunch with blogger,  Georgette Sullins. We’ve been following each other’s blogs for a couple of years, but hadn’t ever met.  Motor Man and I were a little early for lunch, so we drove around the area for awhile. And I found a few photo ops.

An antique shop (sadly, not open) in a charming old country store building.

2 frogs 3-12-2014 9-08-09 AM

And this sign post, covered in tennis shoes. Later, when we arrived at the restaurant for lunch, we asked our hostess about it and learned the sad story. In January, a popular jogger (34 years old, wife and mother of three young children) was struck and killed while jogging in the area. The tennis shoe-covered post is a tribute to her.

hickory hill tennis shoes 3-12-2014 9-06-45 AM

The restaurant where we had lunch was historic Hanover Tavern; the earliest surviving sections date to 1791.

hanover tavern 3-12-2014 9-09-14 AM

Georgette was joined by her daughter, son-in-law and eighteen month old grandson. It was great to finally meet in person. (Funny thing: Motor Man was taking pictures of us with our camera, Georgette’s daughter was taking pictures with hers, and her son-in-law had his cell phone. We felt like celebrities, but none of my photos show us both looking in the same direction!)

db and georgette 3-12-2014 12-21-18 PM

The food was yummy, the tavern was beautiful, and it was so special to meet Georgette and her family.

Gypsy’s Journal – Page 6

In the few short months I’ve been official shop kitty for Motor Man and Motor Mommy, I’ve learned one thing:

Never be surprised at anything they do.

Monday evening, when they came back to the shop to check on me, refill my food bowl, tuck me in, kiss me goodnight,  etc., they weren’t alone. Another couple was with them.

My pawrents introduced them to me as Chris and Michelle. They were very friendly, and before they left, I agreed to have my picture taken with them.

keens and gardners 3-10-2014 6-46-54 PM

Here’s where the unexpected part comes in. My pawrents had gone to a local restaurant, Smithfield Station, for dinner. Chris and Michelle were walking in at the same time. Somehow, in passing, Motor Man mentioned to Chris that he builds race engines. It turns out that Chris used to drive a race car. So Motor Man invited them to have dinner with him and Motor Mommy.

Chris and Michelle live in Pennsylvania and were in Smithfield for a couple of days on business.

After dinner, Chris wanted to see Motor Man’s shop, so while they were there, they just had to come in the office to meet ME.

My pawrents seem to make friends very easily; purrhaps that’s one of the reasons I chose them for my family….?

~These Days Of Mine~