Random Five Friday

Sharing five random thoughts while still awaiting warmer weather….

1. At least the Bradford Pear trees know it’s spring.

bradfords 3-26-2014 1-09-08 PM

2.) I’ve always loved Garfield. What’s not to love? A feline…with a June birthday. I thought this strip from earlier in the week was really special.


3.) I made two greeting cards this week, representing the happiest and the saddest of life’s events. The first was a “Congratulations on the birth of your son” (for our nephew and his wife). The second, a “Sympathy in the loss of your son.” (for a friend).     sigh

4.) And what’s this? No pictures of our kitties on the blog this week?  Well, we’ll just have to fix that ASAP!  Presenting Sundae, all snuggled in her little cocoon, doing her best Chessie impersonation with the glint in her eye.

sundae cocoon 3-16-2014 12-10-23 PM

5.) Motor Man and I ran an errand in Newport News yesterday and were heading home at sunset. This necessitated a stop at the park for a picture.

sunset 3-27-2014 7-21-19 PM

Happy weekend, everyone…..a rainy forecast for us.

Joining Nancy at a Rural Journal for Random Five Friday.


~These Days Of Mine~

26 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Gosh, our Bradford pears haven’t got the word that they should be blossoming yet…..love the other photos and the Garfield ‘toon….sorry you had even ONE “sad” card to make this week though. Enjoy your soggy weekend.


  2. Well our white azaleas are trying.
    So sad the second card you made.

  3. I so love the Bradford Pears when they’re in full bloom. Unfortunately we had some strong winds this past week. Now the streets and grass are covered with blooms.
    Beautiful sunset photo!
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s son…prayers for the family.

  4. It’s always sad when someone loved passes and for it to be a child,is inconsolable.
    I’d seen the cartoon before but it’s cute. Love the sunset over the James!

  5. Aren’t pear trees magical looking when they’re in full glory. Ours is struggling but hasn’t quite been able to blossom fully yet.
    I absolutely love Garfield. That cartoon strip gave me a fun giggle this morning. Thanks I needed that.
    I’m happy to hear of your new nephew and sad to hear of your friends loss. Bless your heart.
    Ah there’s that beautiful Sundae girl. What a sweet baby she us.
    That’s a delicious sunset. Red at night sailor’s delight…
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend whatever the weather may surprise you with. 😉

  6. So sorry to hear of your friend’s loss and happy to hear of the new baby. And life’s passages continue to bring us joy and sorrow. Love the photographs, Dianna. Umbrellas up this weekend!

  7. So sorry about the passing of your friend’s son. Congratualtions on the new great nephew!!!

  8. Not much blooming here but daffodils and they are a welcome sight! Sundae’s peeking! 🙂

  9. Olde Towne Photos

    Found this in my spaghm folder because it contained the word “congratulations” LOL. Maybe we’ll get Spring sometime this week.

  10. Love, love the sunset photo!

  11. Wonderful pictures. My sympathy for your friend. 😦

  12. The Bradford Pears can tell….. it won’t be long !
    Nice and warm out there today, but a little windy..
    Sundae’s got the right idea !

  13. your #3 was very poignant.

  14. gorgeous sunset and Sundae is a beauty. bradford pears have their act together to welcome spring! happy/sad … birth/death … the certainties of life … i bet your cards were lovely. happy friday!

  15. Dianna, I’d love to see some of your cards. Could you post a few?

  16. Those Pear trees are very pretty.
    Sorry about your friends loss. Do you have a craft blog where you post your cards. I’d love to see them. I just posted one today on my other blog,
    Sundae is super adorable. She looks about as comfy as Spooky did on my blog today. They sure sleep in funny positions don’t they.
    Well it’s raining here today but should clear off come Monday, I’m ready for the sun to shine again.

  17. The pear trees produce such a beautiful flower. I look forward to seeing them each spring. They are blooming in VA Beach very well right now. Congrats on your new nephew and so sorry to hear of your friend’s loss. Sundae looks very comfort with her blanket. We have taken a few sunsets pics over the James and each time I see one they are lovely. Have a good weekend!

  18. Yay for Pear tree blooms and June birthdays 🙂

  19. Our Bradford Pears are blooming too. Sorry for your friend who lost her son…

    Love that picture of Sundae!

  20. It looks like a fine week, if it wasn’t for your friend’s loss–that’s very sad. Interesting representation of cycles in your post–birth, death, spring, sunset . . .

  21. Hi Diana – just popped over from Random Five to say hello. I’m from Ontario and we are still waiting on Spring here. Lots of snow yet to go. Your Sundae is a sweet looking girl and look at that Gypsy. Most likely a little monkey. I’ll drop by again. Deb

  22. Love the photo of the trees! There’s nothing like spring blooming! ~ Sheila

  23. The blossoms on the pear trees are beautiful. I can’t wait until we have blossoming trees here.

  24. We’re seeing some pear blossoms, too. Each day a little more color appears. Love the shot of Sundae, and Garfield with the butterfly-to-be. “I know a guy.” Priceless! Great sunset, too.

  25. Beatrice P. Boyd

    It’s been a very wet and windy weekend here too. No fruit trees are blooming yet in our yard. Sundae has the best way to spend the weekend.

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