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Another Sunday Adventure

Before I tell you about our adventure with Motor Man’s mom this weekend, I have an announcement to make. Since my husband is “Motor Man” and I am “Motor Mommy”, I thought it only fitting that we have a blog name for his mother. We discussed it Sunday, and decided that she will be referred to in the future on These Days as “Motor Mum” (as in the Queen Mum).  

After lunch Sunday, we headed to North Carolina in search of Knott’s Island to take Motor Mum on the Currituck Sound Ferry. Motor Man had a good idea of how to get to the general area. A few years ago, he and I had ridden the ferry.

Well, to put it mildly, we had a little difficulty finding the ferry dock. We saw some interesting sights along the way: beautiful homes, yards and flowers, and some not-so-beautiful homes and yards. It soon became apparent to Motor Mum that her hosts for this trip had no clue where they were going.

And it was then that I said to her: “We operate the ‘Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Travel Agency’, and you take your chances when you travel with us”.

We did finally find the ferry dock:

ferry1 4-27-2014 2-40-19 PM

I had hopes of the three of us getting out of the vehicle while on the ferry and enjoying the view as we sailed across the Sound. But, that was not to be. The boat is very small, and we were parked so close to the side that we couldn’t get the passenger-side doors open (a little concerning, since it was a 45-minute ferry ride).  I went to the upper deck of the ferry, and took this picture of Motor Man and Motor Mum, waving at me through the sun roof.

mom and jr sunroof 4-27-2014 3-03-15 PM

We spotted an osprey nest, built on one of the pilings near the dock, and I was able to  zoom in for this picture. I love that they’ve used a little green in their decor.

osprey 4-27-2014 3-01-48 PM

Another Sunday adventure, brought to you by the “Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants” travel agency.  Suggestions are being taken for a catchy slogan for our newly formed company.

~These Days Of Mine~