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Treasure Hunting….The REST Of The Story

Last Thursday, I posted about a recent “treasure” I found, and shared that I didn’t know exactly what it was.

beach scene 3-26-2014 6-02-31 PM

(I failed to mention in my post that I found this at a local antique shop. That little bit of info will figure in to the rest of the story.)

In what might be seen as a synchronicity, the same day that I posted about my “find”, I was added to a Facebook group for those who like old things.  The page was started by some friends who live in our area.

I posted the above picture to that page, and the founder commented that she had admired this little treasure, and that it had been in the collection of a friend.

Her friend later commented that, yes, it had belonged to her, that it was originally part of a baby crib, and that she had found it in Cape Cod.

So, now you (and I) know….the REST of the story!

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