Daily Archives: April 22, 2014

A Brief Appearance

It had been a few months since we’d seen her.  But a couple of weeks ago, I glanced out, and there she was.

bride swan and clouds 4-15-2014 6-11-10 PM

Bride Swan is so special; I’m always excited to see her, especially when she’s been gone for awhile.

bride swan 4-10 4-11-2014 7-16-04 PM

There’s nothing like the golden hour of sunset to flatter a bride.

bride swan sunset 4-11 4-11-2014 7-22-24 PM

She spent some time relaxing in the grass…

bride swan on land 4-13-2014 7-52-48 AM

…and after a few days, was gone again. Hopefully, when she returns  next time,  Groom Swan will be with her.

New to the blog and not familiar with Bride and Groom?  They were introduced in this post, and you can read more about them in The Swans category.

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