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(A Wild) Random Five Friday

Well, folks, we’ve landed on Friday again. And that means it’s time for a little randomness:

1.) My view last Friday morning at sunrise.  Do you see my “guest”?  There were several along the marsh, but I was only able to get a picture of one.

deer at sunrise 3-28-2014 6-59-14 AM_Snapseed

2.) Continuing with the wildlife theme, Sundae had some guests of her own the other day. I heard her “chattering” at something outside,  and when I looked, I saw this.

sundae and birds 4-2-2014 8-50-54 AM

3.) More wildlife:  can you spot the bird’s nest, complete with eggs? You may need to click to enlarge. Yes, this is the wreath on our front door. Now, before we open the door, we have to be sure Mama Bird isn’t on the nest. That resulted in a bird-in-the-house one time several years ago. Marshall to the rescue; he happened to be visiting, caught the bird and escorted it back outside.

birds eggs in wreath 3-28-2014 2-33-30 PM

4.) Still more wildlife: this picture was taken Wednesday evening just a few miles from our house. I think these two were on a date:

turkeys 4-2-2014 6-44-33 PM

5.) Okay, I think I’ve run out of wild…. oh, wait…there IS this…

jr and gyps

Happy weekend!


UPDATE:  I just discovered that Nancy is on spring break, so there is no Random Five Friday this week at A Rural Journal.  But…there is one here at These Days!

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