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Treasure Hunting: Follow-up

If you recall, in Friday’s post, I mentioned that my friend, Donna, and I were planning a busy Saturday morning.

We met at the antique shop when they opened and were their second and third customers. I had mentioned in Friday’s post that the antique shop sent out an email last week, and that there was a little item in the email that caught my eye.  The shop is only open one Saturday each month, so I knew if we got there early, it should still be there. And it was.

sand shovel 4-13-2014 3-22-12 PM

A sweet little child’s vintage sand shovel. Another “find” for the beach house.

But I also found this:

coffee pot 4-13-2014 3-20-34 PM

An old enamel coffeepot. (The little stool was a treasure found quite some time ago.)  The coffeepot will be perfect, filled with some of “that old moss“.

a sunny and warm Saturday morning spent with a friend, a few little found treasures for each of us and a giggle-filled lunch: fun times!

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