Presenting….Bride Swan (Take 2)

Well, last week, some of you saw the “intro” for Bride Swan’s film debut when I prematurely published this post. There was a problem with the video, so I removed the post and saved it for a later date.  So, for those readers, the text here will be a rerun. But I’m leaving the text for those who haven’t already seen it.

Before you watch the video, there are a few things I should mention:

Bride Swan stretches her head back and makes a sound like a horse’s whinny when she wants me to give her more bread. If you listen carefully, you can hear her doing that in the video.

Although Bride Swan is able to eat dry bread, Groom Swan has difficulty doing that. So when he’s on land, I put water in a repurposed Cool Whip bowl for him, and, as I give him little bits of bread, he dips it in the water.  (Yes, he’s spoiled.) When I began filming Bride Swan, I had placed an open loaf of bread on the ground to my left. You’ll see Groom help himself to a WHOLE slice of bread and dip it in his water, as Bride Swan calmly watches and waits patiently for hers.

In the background, you’ll see our little group of ducks. They had already been fed corn, so, at this particular time, they weren’t interested in the swans’ bread.

I guess we now have two film stars…wonder how we’ll handle the egos.

~These Days Of Mine~


16 responses to “Presenting….Bride Swan (Take 2)

  1. Ah shucks!!!! I love those two!!! What sweet and lovely friend you have! Thanks for sharing them with us!!! And yes—I think you have a couple of movie stars now!

  2. Great video with both! You did it! I loved watching Bride Swan’s fluffy tail feathers blowing in the breeze.

  3. Such a beautiful video!!! They are adorable.

  4. Well, I’m still having an issue with my speed, so I’ll keep trying to load the vid… but I’m glad I got to see her sleeping in the rain earlier !

  5. Nice post Dianna! I see a children’s book in your future starring those two 😉

  6. Soon they’ll have their own guest room….

  7. I’m so glad you got the video loaded. They’re definitely star material!!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great video!

  9. As neat as it is to see their many photos, it’s way more fun to see them live in action! Such stars! But don’t tell them I said so, we don’t want their fame to go to their heads. 😉

  10. I love that Groom Swan “marinates” his bread first………..!!


  11. So cute, but I didn’t hear you mention all those geese in the background!

  12. They are so sweet! Will they stay around in the winter?

  13. Aw too cool, 2 Stars and what a beautiful couple they are. Thanks for sharing your lovely video, they are both smile-bringers. 🙂

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