Scenes From Lexington

The weather this past weekend could not have been more perfect. So Motor Man and I made a quick decision to take an overnight trip to the mountains.

mountains and cows 5-2-2015 6-15-44 PM

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, we went to Lexington (Virginia). We had three things in mind to do during our visit there:

1.) The Lexington Carriage Historical Tour.  I had recently learned about this in a post by my blogging and Facebook friend, Dor, who lives near Lexington.

jrdb carriage 5-2-2015 12-09-01 PM

Our guide/driver was Courtney, a fun, spirited young lady who is so knowledgeable about the town.  Her tour was simply wonderful, and we would suggest it to anyone  who visits Lexington. Our carriage was pulled by Pete (left) and Babe, the diva.

courtney pete and babe 5-2-2015 12-00-44 PM

 There are so many beautiful historic homes in Lexington, including the Lee House, home to Robert E. Lee, president (1869-1870) of Washington & Lee University and all succeeding presidents of the college.

lee house 5-2-2015 5-29-53 PM

A brick stable for Lee’s horse, Traveller, was built on the property. The doors are left open at all times, to allow Traveller’s spirit to roam free.

travellers stable 5-2-2015 5-34-50 PM

2.)  The second thing we wanted to do was meet Dor and her husband, Bill, which we did. You can read about our visit with them in this post.

3.) And last, but not least, we I wanted to do some antiquing.  While Dor and I were at one of the antique malls in Lexington, Motor Man waited for us in the vehicle. I love this picture he took of one of the shop’s many kitties.

jr kitty pic 5-2-2015 3-03-33 PM

After our visit with Dor and Bill at their home, Motor Man and I stayed overnight in nearby Waynesboro and antiqued our way home on Sunday.

field and clouds 5-2-2015 6-13-28 PM

Just about a perfect weekend….

~These Days Of Mine~

22 responses to “Scenes From Lexington

  1. Picture perfect day and it looks and sounds like you had a perfect time!


  2. Wow! I’m curious where that last photo was taken, Dianna…stunning landscape!

  3. Brenda Hodgson

    This sounds like a perfect trip! I enjoy these kind of short trips! And antiquing!

  4. I’m glad you could take advantage of our beautiful weather for a mini road trip. It looks like fun.

  5. What a lovely weekend. I love that you got to meet another blogging buddy and that your trip included horses!

  6. Absolutely beautiful photographs, Dianna. How lovely about Traveller’s door being kept open. I just love this part of our beautiful state.

  7. Margaret Spencer

    a beautiful part of Virginia and sooooo many antique shops!! one of my favorite areas

  8. It was a beautiful weekend in Lexington and I got to watch the Derby! In Lexington…VA. You managed to pack in a lot of interesting things in your weekend. Mine was just passing through on my trip from TN to PA. But now I want to go back and see everything you saw! Thanks for sharing. BTW…that kitty looked just like mine!

  9. Just love those kind of trips! Add horses and a kitty and it’s perfect!

  10. Looks like another fun filled trip!
    & it is quite the idea to leave the stable door open like that;
    don’t fence me in! ; )

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Not only was the weather perfect but what a perfect trip! Love the pictures.

  12. Talk about “Sweet VA Breezes.” What a change from shelling along your beaches to going to the mountains. VA has a lot of scenery to offer.
    My mother is headed to Blacksburg this afternoon to attend two graduations, one this weekend and another on the 15th. Wish I could be there but I’m going in September and then again in July or early August.

  13. I think you’re a pretty wonderful tour guide yourself! I feel like I was there with you. 🙂 MJ

  14. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to our fair city Dianna. Bill and I were delighted to meet you and Motor Man that’s for sure. 🙂

  15. Lexington is fabulous! Love the history and the beauty. But when my son was a baby, a carriage ride there ended up as a run-away. Truly fortunate to be alive. My husband had Caleb in a carry-all strapped to his chest and he was trying to figure out a way to leap out and land on his back to protect our child. Scary!

    • Oh, Renee, how awful! We were amazed at the steepness of some of those hills. So glad your carriage ride didn’t end in a tragedy.

      • It ruined the surry and they deployed ambulances, but in the end, we boarded another carriage and completed the tour. Then we canceled our vacation and drove straight home! Lol.

  16. It is BEAUTIFUL and RELAXING – think I need a fix! Of course, it would include a visit with the grandchildren.:>

  17. Great capture of the sunshine and shadows on the mountains. Find any new antique treasures?

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