Sundae, The Alarm Cat

Now that sunrise is before 6 a.m., I’m usually awake by then, and out of bed by 6:15. Sundae has grown accustomed to this routine.

So, on the rare occasion that I sleep “in” (past 6:00 a.m.), she feels it’s her feline duty to awaken me. She has a lot to say at that time of the morning.

If talking doesn’t rouse me out of bed, she decides to get up on my chest.


Since  my cell phone charger is on my bedside table, the other morning, I decided to snap a few pictures of her, “up close and personal”.

Sweet, soft kitty paws:


I suppose being awakened by the sound of kitty meows is much better than the harsh ringing of an alarm clock.


Does anyone know where the time setting is on a kitty?

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Sundae, The Alarm Cat

  1. Precious! Much nicer than an alarm. It is safe to assume you have already been awakened this morning:>

  2. Sweet photos of your kitty alarm………nice of her to get you up in the morning so she can have her breakfast! There is no setting on cat alarms – they definitely march to their OWN tune when it comes to time….haha


  3. There’s no snooze button on an alarm cat!!

  4. An adorable alarm clock! 🙂

  5. so very cute. i’m still trying to find the setting on my BB dog.

  6. The time set function on your standard kitty is between the food bowl and the litter box. However, it’s very difficult to set.

  7. They do make the best alarm clocks. Except when you don’t get up right away. Then the claws come out!

  8. I see why Sammy is so smitten with beautiful Sundae, those softie, warm little paws make me want to kiss them! Sundae you are a lovely ladycat, and like all kitties are so helpful to your pawrents making sure they get awakened on time- alarm clock or no alarm. I’m a night owl and do not like early mornings but your adorable face is one I wouldn’t mind be awakened by. 💋💋💜💜

  9. Snugg turns into an alarm some mornings, too… He wants tuna. Or he wants to go outside. Or sometimes, it seems like he just wants somebody else to be up & about …….!

  10. Sundae is one of the most charming alarm clocks I’ve ever seen. You’re a lucky lady. 🙂

  11. What a cute (and fuzzy) alarm clock you have! 😉

  12. My Mommy says she wants to knows where my snooze button is….
    Yous is looking marvelous Sundae!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, is just watching out for her mama.

  14. Haha, I think you’re on your own with a time setting for Sundae. I’d much rather wake to a kitty than an alarm. My cat used to wake me up kneading me–at all hours of the night.

  15. Hey my friends. I saw on cousin Sammy’s page that it’s your birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY from this little oinker. XOXO – Bacon

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