Through Matthew’s Eyes

My sister, June, is a member of an online knitting forum and often shares my photos with the group. One of her “forum friends” is the mother of a young man named Matthew, who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

It seems Matthew loves to draw, and his mom (through June) asked permission for him to use some of my photos as inspiration for his sketches.  Of course, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. In turn, his mom shares his sketches with June, who emails them to me.

With his Mom’s permission, in today’s post, I’m sharing three of Matthew’s wonderful drawings.

This beautiful sketch of a deer was Matthew’s Christmas card last year.


Matthew gave this framed sketch for a wedding gift.  I’m sure the newlyweds have it proudly displayed in their home.


And last, but certainly not least,  this sketch of our sweet Gypsy girl.


To help those, including myself, who aren’t familiar with this condition, Matthew’s mom asked that I also share some information about autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. This was copied directly from her email to June: “Matthew has had to have his eye muscles detached and reattached to his eyes twice, due to controllable rapid eye movements.  The muscles will always be weak, so sometimes he sees things differently than we do.  The drawing helps to calm him from the body shakes that happen with autism and helps to train his eyes to focus.  What a blessing to have this skill in his life to help him in so many ways”.  She also expressed her appreciation that I gave permission for him to draw from my photos.

I am deeply honored that Matthew has chosen my photographs as inspiration for some of his drawings, and wish him only the best with his artwork, and more importantly, his health.

My photos may be an inspiration for his sketches, but, in my eyes, Matthew is an inspiration to us all.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Through Matthew’s Eyes

  1. What a great story. So special that Matthew chose your photos as inspiration. He is so talented.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Dianne!! You’re so right. Matthew is an inspiration to us.all. Recently, a shop in their town has started selling note cards printed with his drawings. How wonderful that he’s able to earn his own money. He’s a fantastic young man and a very talented artist!

  3. these are all beautiful and he is such a great young man to turn his physical limitations into something so healing and extraordinary; thank you and his mom for sharing these!

  4. Great drawings……particularly the one of Gypsy. He’s a most talented young man and I wish him the very best throughout his life – I hope he continues to pursue his artwork because he is really very good!


  5. What a talented young man. I wish him the best. My grandson who has autism also loves to draw. I can’t tell you how many magni doodles he has worn out!!

  6. Matthew is one talented fellow! How wonderful that your photos give him inspiration for sketching. We just never know whose lives we may touch through our blogs, do we? 🙂

  7. A wonderful story. Art heals in many ways. Those who use it and those who view it.

  8. Our lives have been touched by Apergers as well. it is wonderful that Matthew has discovered his talent and it helps. Thanks for the touching post! And what a great shot of Gypsy!

  9. I also see an attention to detail regarding setting ..
    Notice the grass under the deer ..
    Or the railing the bird is perched on ..
    And the folds in the fabric under Gyp ..
    Just as important as the subject itself ..
    Very well done … Keep ’em coming !!

  10. What an amazing young man. Beautiful drawings. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mathews drawings are truly gifted! I cannot draw a straight line, so I guess we all have our things we can do well, and happy Matthew finds strength through his gift. Thanks to Matthew and family, and you Dianna, for sharing.Drawings were inspiring!

  12. People with autism are very sensitive people, but the condition hides many of their true emotions. Matthew has grown in his confidence and talent due to the positive support that he receives from so many people. It has been a pleasure watching him develop his drawing skills. He started drawing from photos about a year and a half ago which has helped to train his eyes to see detail. It is wonderful watching this process. Amazingly he always starts with the animal’s eyes and goes out from there. Eyes are intimidating to people with autism so starting with the eyes and putting expression into the eyes is a big deal. He has his eyes on some more pictures in the files so we will share them with your sister so she can share with you. He speaks very well of you and your talent in taking such wonderful photos. Thanks ever so much for sharing with him and letting him continue to explore his talents.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful drawings, just beautiful. I certainly understand Dianna, of you being proud that Matthew uses your pictures. Well done, Matthew, God has given you a great talent. God bless you and your family

  14. wow that is some crazy talent 🙂 Thank you for sharing his pictures with us !! MJ

  15. Matthew is a very talented artist. I especially like the drawing of Gypsy.

  16. Nice work, Matthew! My nephew has Asperger’s. Music is his creative outlet.

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