Random Five Friday

Ending a hot, humid week here in southeast Virginia with five randoms:

1.) I glanced out our bedroom window one morning earlier this week and saw this bee on a lacecap hydrangea bloom.  Morning’s golden hour, once again, provided the perfect lighting.

bee on hydrangea 6-12-2015 8-17-09 AM

2.) Mistake?  Or marketing ploy? (Hoping customers will come in to tell you the word is spelling incorrectly, and in turn, make a purchase..??)

sirlion 6-14-2015 11-18-37 AM

3.) Humid, yes, indeed – even at sunrise.

sunrise 6-14 6-14-2015 6-36-03 AM

4.) Still no Bride Swan, so “New Swan” is filling in at being beautiful.

new swan

5.) And, finally, a couple of photos from Marshall’s birthday celebration (apologies to my FB friends for the rerun).

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

Motor Man and Marshall teamed up at the restaurant gift shop, and managed to buy and sneak this oar out to the vehicle without me knowing it.

db marsh oar1  6-16-2015 10-53-036 6-16-2015 10-53-35 AM

Any surprises in your life this week?

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Oh that oar is perfect! What a find that was………nice week full of randomness for you and your men!


  2. The oar is the perfect addition to your décor. Young swan is filling in nicely – it will be good to see the bride again though. It truly has been a HHH week here in Tidewater – Hazy, Hot, and Humid. I’m ready for a break.

  3. Always loved lace cap Hydrangea – had clipped an ad and kept it until yellowed with intent to order. Now I can enjoy yours vicariously- It is beautiful! The reflecting morning sunrise delightful as well, especially before it becomes a scorcher of a day. And always glad to see pictures of your favorite men! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  4. Hmmm … that misspelling of sirloin – maybe the closest zoo should make sure that Sir Lion didn’t escape!!!

  5. perhaps we’ll get a break from the 3 H’s next week. But I’m not holding my breath!! Love your randomness, as always!

  6. It sure has been HH&H … I’m ready for a break as well.
    I still say that the “Sir Lion Burger” is kind of catchy, anyway !!

  7. Brenda Hodgson

    Love all the photos!

  8. You’ve provided more pictures worthy of painting! One of these days….

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another goof R5F. How neat is it to get a gift and someone else birthday, love it!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry, Dianna, should be GOOD, me and my proof reading 😦

  11. Such a beautiful color, no wonder the bee visited that bloom… fun up close shot! That oar is one of those special surprises… perfect. Peaceful sunrise reflected on the water, very pretty.

  12. Your randoms are always so interesting and this is no exception. I love the pics of you, Motorman and Marshall.

  13. Love your list! The hydrangea is so beautiful. You guys look like you had a great time at the birthday. Happy Saturday! ~ Sheila

  14. Do lacecap hydrangeas bloom all over, or just around the edge? So pretty. Maybe McD is serving lion now? Great photos, all.

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