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A Summer Sunday Evening

Sunday evening, I noticed the golden hour glow outside and headed out to take a few pictures.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw that Mama and Baby Deer were out in our side yard.

Do you suppose he'll ever grow into those ears?

Do you suppose he’ll ever grow into those ears?

A few minutes later, Baby Deer ran to the other side of the yard from Mom, and I found myself in the middle.  Mom looked anxiously at her baby.

mama deer 8-16-2015 7-48-47 PM

And, then, at me.  I don’t know much about the body language of deer, but I knew enough to immediately get myself back inside. Between a wild animal and her baby is not somewhere I want to be.

lookin at me 8-16-2015 7-49-03 PM

Once all that was settled, I continued on with my purpose for being out there in the first place: sunset pictures.

A sailboat was anchored just off from our yard.

sailboat sunset1 8-16-2015 7-50-06 PM

It was one of those “soft” sunset skies.

sunset and marsh grass 8-16-2015 7-50-42 PM

Well worth fighting the mosquitoes and chancing possible Mama Deer attacks to capture.

sunset sky 8-16-2015 7-54-40 PM

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