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Water Therapy

As you can well imagine, last week was an difficult one. But it was also a week of realizing how caring friends and family can be. I thank all of you for your thoughtful comments on the loss of my sister

Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I had an invitation from a friend, Larry, to go out on his boat.  It was a beautiful day, and Motor Man quickly accepted the offer. He knew that I needed a little diversion from the emotions of the prior week.

We sailed out of beautiful Hampton Creek in….Hampton, Va.

hampton creek 8-1-2015 4-33-06 PM

Motor Man even took the wheel for awhile.

jr at the helm 8-1-2015 2-55-27 PM

Our ride took us out briefly into the Chesapeake Bay. We shared the waterway with sailboats,

sailboat 8-1-2015 3-03-31 PM


tug 8-1-2015 4-21-21 PM

And cargo ships. (Even though I realize quite a bit of it is rust, I love all the colors in this photo.)

cargo ship 8-1-2015 4-20-29 PM

I think “wakes” are pretty – as long as I’m in the boat that’s making them.

wake1 8-1-2015 3-06-30 PM

 Motor Man insisted that I “drive” the boat  – at least long enough for a photo op.

jrdb1 8-1-2015 4-31-32 PM

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Larry.

dbjr2 8-1-2015 4-32-019

We needed that.

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