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Random Five Friday

Almost the weekend, and time for a little randomness:

1.) My little hummie waited impatiently last night for me to freshen his nectar, then quickly stopped by to enjoy.

hummie 8-13-2015 7-56-05 PM

2.) I’ve shared with you before that Sundae loves us to put her “blankie” over her when she’s on our bed.  And, that she wreaks havoc on our upstairs guest room bed, trying to get under the throw at the foot of the bed. Well, she now has a new trick.  She’s learned how to get under the quilt on our downstairs guest room bed. All by herself.

That "lump" is Sundae

That “lump” is Sundae

3.) Remember this plant combo that I bought recently for the table on our deck?

deck plant 7-23-2015 6-20-37 AM

Apparently, our resident deer decided to climb the three steps to our deck and dine on the sweet potato vine. Now that we know they can maneuver steps, perhaps we should invite them over one evening.  Anyone know what beverage goes with sweet potato vine?

deck plant after 8-10-2015 2-22-26 PM

4.) On a recent trip home from the Outer Banks, Motor Man stopped me by Aggie’s pasture, so I could give her a treat. While we were there, a passing driver tooted the car horn, and I looked to see that it was an NC State Trooper.  (Guess he’s an Aggie fan, too.)

aggies treat 8-10-2015 11-31-42 AM

I was somewhat in disbelief when I got back in our vehicle, then Motor Man burst my bubble with his version of this plaque we saw in Cracker Barrel:


His version:  “That trooper said: ‘Don’t flatter yourself, cowgirl, I was blowing at the horse’ “.

5.) Tuesday evening, around sunset, we had rain across the river to our east. The clouds made for some amazing scenery.

marina clouds 8-11-2015 7-45-39 PM


Happy weekend!

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