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Random Five Friday

Once again, it’s time for some Friday randomness:

1.) On Wednesday of this week, I missed a very “impawtant” milestone:  the 2-year anniversary of the day Gypsy came to live with us. Yes, she still loves to cuddle on Motor Man’s chest, but it’s a little more uncomfortable for him than it was at one time.

gypsy lying on jr 9-8-2013 4-05-10 PM

2.) Some folks have a dog waiting for them in the yard when they get home…This is what sometimes awaits us.

swan 8-17-2015 1-27-55 PM

3.) Easiest cake ever: one box angel food cake mix and one can of pie filling. Stir together and bake in a 9 x 13 pan at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. When I make it with apple pie filling, I top it with walnut pieces before baking.

apple cake 8-7-2015 8-58-53 PM

4.) A storm moved “down river” late yesterday afternoon, giving us minimal rain, but impressive scenery.

storm clouds 8-20-2015 7-28-02 PM

5.) Yes, I’m still peeved that they’ve destroyed nearly all my plants, but this is, perhaps, one of the sweetest deer pictures I’ve ever taken: baby nuzzling mom.

baby deer nuzzling mom 8-19-2015 6-49-29 PM

Farmer’s Market tomorrow with friends.  Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~