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8 Photos Of Happiness

Today, I’m participating in the blog meme: “Eight Photos Of Happiness”. I’m not playing entirely by the rules, but the idea is to post eight photos – the photos can be anything that represents  a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy AND a brief description of why you chose it .

So here goes!

1.) It should come as no surprise that spending time with my two guys make me very happy.

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

2.) My extended family makes me happy, and yes, so do memories of good times with my late sister, June.

connor donna june barb 7-15-2013 12-01-33 PM

3.) Bev and I became friends 35+ years ago.  A friendship that lasts that long has seen lots of happiness.

bev and db

4.) Shirley and Donna (on either side of me) are former classmates. We lost touch for many years before reconnecting.  And Linda is a former co-worker and  mutual friend.  We’re happy!

fun 6-4-2015 6-41-12 PM

5.) Our kitties bring Motor Man and me happiness: Sundae for 4 years now.

sundae 5-10-2015 10-28-52 AM

6.) And Gypsy for two years.  This face could make anyone happy.


7.) “My” wild horses at the Outer Banks… (sigh).

knotted mane 7-10-2015 10-09-40 AM

8.) And, last but not least, I never really paid sunrises and sunsets any mind until Motor Man and I were together, but now, I know how beautiful they can be.  Seeing a sunrise at the beach is just icing on the cake.

sunrise best 8-10-2015 6-40-38 AM


The rules for the “Happiness” meme require naming ten bloggers to participate, but I’ll just leave it open for anyone who’d like to play along. You should try it, it’s fun to think of people, places and things that make you happy!

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